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November 14th, 2005, 11:12 AM
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Originally posted by rileykidsmom@Nov 12 2005, 11:28 AM
Nov. 9

I started having contractions at 1 am. I got the kids bags ready for school in the morning and called my dad to give me a ride to the hospital. James was in Colorado. We had to get gas and all that junk so by the time we made it to the hospital it was 3:10 am. The whole ride there I was praying they would give me an epidural right away, I was hurting bad. I was looking for my insurance card at the check in desk when my water broke. They rushed me in the room and got me in a gown. They checked me and imagine the surprise of everyone when they realized I was 9 cm!!! So, no pain meds for me. The doctor got there and it was time to push. I pushed a few times and Chandler Gage was born at 3:41 am!! I was at the hospital for 30 minutes before he was born. I am amazed at myself. Can't believe I walked in there at 9 cm! He has a little bit of blonde hair and blue eyes, he is perfect. Breastfeeding is going good.* Recovery has been great. Here are his stats:

Chandler Gage Riley
7 lb 12 oz
19 in.
Nov. 9 3:41 am
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whoa! no pain meds! How was it??!! ouchy!

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