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March 18th, 2008, 07:01 PM
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Welcome! I want to get to know everyone so please answer the questions about yourself.

1. S/N & Real Name: mammabear1973-Jocelyn

2. Location: NJ

3. Thyroid Disorder: Graves Disease

4. Current meds/homeopathy taking: <span style="color:#000000">Currently in a "remission" state for 9 months without medicine!!! whoo hooo

5. Year diagnosed: Always "felt" hyper even tested for years for it but after the flu in Nov 2000 the Virus kicked the disease into hyper drive and I was diagnosed with Graves in Feb 2001. We were at the time trying to conceive and I didnt know why i wasn't getting pregnant.

6. Something about yourself that you want other to know: I am a SAHM mom to 4 children ages 13,5, 3 1/2 and 20months. Have a wonderful husband who supported me and my disicions regarding my treatment even though dr's thought it risky.
</span> Been married almost 8 years, together 13 and known eachother 17 years. (i was married in between..don't ask long story lol. )[/b]
I've been posting off and on here and there but thought I'd say hello. I have ready everyones intro and see there aren't any with Graves Disease but I would like to give any input for anyone who is seeking info on it. I wanted to start a thread regarding people with Graves but thought i'd say hello first before posting that thread.

Great to meet everyone and hope to chat soon in here.
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