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November 14th, 2005, 05:33 PM
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We went to L & D on Friday at 6p.m for cervidel before pitocin the next morning. I was still only 1 centimeter when we arrived. Cervidel was put in at 6:45p.m. I woke up at 2p.m. having cx every 5 min. apart.

The nurse said when they are 2-3 min. apart they would start my antibiotic for mitral valve prolapse.

At around 4:30 they were every 2 min. so I had my first dose of antibiotics (through my iv). At 9:30 a.m. I asked to be checked to see if I could get my epideral (they wanted me to be between 3-4centimeters) and I was so at 10:15 I got that. Felt good. Couldn't move my legs at all! Was 5-6 centimeters at 2:30.

Still hadn't seen my doctor. He didn't want to break my water since the baby was still pretty high. He was afraid the cord may come out first, so he wanted to wait for the baby to drop some more.

He came in at 5:00 and checked, said I was STILL 5-6 centimeters but he said he would break my water. As he did I went to 8 centimeters. And baby was coming down. He went to eat dinner and came back 45 min. later and I was ready.

The epideral was working so well, I had a hard time pushing at first. I just couldn't feel anything but I kept trying. After about 3 tries I figured it out and he was out in the next 2 pushes. I got really nervous because he told the nurse to call down a neonatal nurse while I was pushing (I think the babies heart rate kept going down). But out came Jude Austin and he was fine!

I was so shocked. He looks a lot like my daughter... a lot of dark hair! I thought for sure he was a girl. It was so fun to be so surprised! I am so in love with my new son and my other 2 children are just extatic to have a little brother!!

He was 8lbs. 11 oz. (and I had no tears, no episiotomy... just a couple of abbrasions)

20in. long.

He is perfect in my eyes! And I feel like the luckiest person in the world!
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