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March 28th, 2008, 10:23 PM
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Hi!!! I was thinking of hosting as well but I figured that I didn't post enough or don't come in often enough to do that. Go for it!!!

Can you sit while holding her? If she is looking at you holding her while you are out and about, I have always made it very strict that they stay in their carriage. If I have to stop and sit with them for a minute so they get mommy time then I do that. But I try not to carry them. I have 4 kids though and 3 of them are 5 and under so when 4th was born I had a 3 1/2, 23 month old and newborn. Oh that was fun!! I didn't have a choice but to tell them they had to not be picked up unless we were home. Usually I just got on the floor in their play pen(its big) they love that.

See you !!!
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