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November 20th, 2005, 12:13 PM
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I also know right where you're coming from! I just had a m/c in September. I had gone in for my 1st prenatal appt at 10 weeks, and since I felt "small" my doc had me get an u/s. It's a drawn out story, but essentially my baby was only the size of 6w1d. So now I'm really nervous about this baby, too. I think I'm approaching the time when my baby died before, although we aren't totally sure when I lost her.

I feel different (good different) this time and am trying to stay very, very positive. But the negative feelings are always nagging and always there. Thank goodness the holidays are basically here, so they can help me to stop obsessing a little bit....but still.....I know how you feel!

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Miscarriage 9/05 @ 10 weeks
Miscarriage 12/05 @ 9 weeks
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