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April 4th, 2008, 07:14 AM
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Hi everyone. I delivered my stillborn angel almost a year ago, April 20th '07. His name is Sean Parker and I was just over 17 weeks along. It was my 5th pregnancy, I have 4 living children (2 of them twins) plus I had a m/c in Aug '04. I was never able to find out why Sean died. I had an u/s the week before and everything was great. Every measurement came back within 2 days of gestation and he was moving around and hiccupping. That was also when I found out he was a boy. Just a few days later I went for my regular OB checkup and I brought along my 12 yr old son so he could hear the heartbeat and the doctor couldn't find one. He checked around with the doppler for about 10 mins and my son looked so scared, almost like he knew but I didn't. I honestly thought he just couldn't find it but it was there. He took me in the next room for an u/s and I was so sure we would see one but there was my precious little boy still, no heartbeat. I was induced a couple days later and delivered my precious sleeping angel. My DH and I held him and kept him in the room with us for several hours and we took lots of pictures. I told the nurse I was ready for her to take him and she did but then in the middle of the night, a few hours later, I called her and asked if she could bring him back and she did. They were so good to me. I held him some more and took more pictures. I had an autopsy done, it was so important to me to find out why this happened. He looked so perfect. The autopsy came back normal so I still wonder why.

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