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April 4th, 2008, 07:57 PM
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He is making some progress. He is saying more words. He will hold a car and say car. When I get out the vacuum cleaner he goes vrooom vrooom. I made him a sandwich and when I gave it to him and he said thank you. He is attempting to help me when I dress/undress him. Earlier this week I made lausgna and he actually ate some. I was so happy. He normally will not eat it. He has to smell it first though. The aggression is the hardest part. I am trying to teach him boundaries. He will go to sit on my face. On July 11th we are taking him to see a gastrologist. He has days where he poops alot and other days he is a bit constipated. His belly is bloated most of the time and its not soft its hard. I am wondering if he has something wrong with his bowels. My BIL has problems with his bowels and he looks like he is pregnant. I am thinking maybe Jay is having a hard time digesting dairy or gluten. That could explain his behavior. May 5th he will see the neuro. Today he was stacking the classic wooden blocks. He never has been intrested on them but this evening he was. I was so excited and said to dh look what he is doing. He looked at me like I was crazy for getting so excited over Jay stacking blocks. Everytime he does something new I am so happy even if its something small.

Jay is not stimming as much. He still does a good bit. He spins in circles more and has starting flapping his hands. He does weird positions with his hands and spins his index fingers in a circle. Tommorow at a college they kicking off Autism awareness month with a day with family. Its to help people accept our children. They are going to have balloon artists and face painting and more. Just Jay and I are going. Dh is still somewhat in denial. I can not handle Jay and Jonathan so I thought it would be nice to have just Jay and mommy time. Then in two weeks they are having a autism fair. So I can get all kinds of info. I am excited.
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