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April 5th, 2008, 07:13 PM
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Sooooo I had my little boy - HUDSON ALEXANDER on April 2/08 at 6:49am. He was born at 38 weeks. 7lbs 2oz and 19.5"

I started having contractions at about 12:30 on April 2 ..... I was up walking around at home telling myself that it was gas .... indigestion ..... finally I decided to start timing them .... oh goodness I thought when I realized that "these indigestion pains" were coming 2 minutes apart! I woke Brad ... who then started timing them with me .... yup 2-3 minutes apart ..... off to L+D I went.

I got there ... was checked and was 6-7cm diliated already ..... they broke my water at 6:00 ..... started pushing at 6:40 .... 9 minutes later at 6:49 my little darling was born. It was a very quick labour and delivery (which is why I had my induction date booked for the 7th ... guess I won't be needing that anymore).

We were ready to go home when Hudsons bloodwork came back .... his bilirubin was super high ... so we had to stay so he could be under the lights for the night. It SUCKED not having my baby with me ALL the time but now he is better and we are home .... so all is good!!!

Here are some photos for your enjoyment

My LAST belly pic (38 weeks) .... just hours before his arrival:

Mommy and Hudsons 1st photo op:

My Cutie:

His 1st pair of sunglasses

Under the lights - getting his 1st tan:

Mommy, Daddy, Hudson:

My complete little family:

My cutie this afternoon:
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