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April 7th, 2008, 08:29 AM
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Saturday morning on April 5, 2008 dawned as normal for me. I got up and got ready for work. I headed on in and once again my co-workers all asked when I was going to go into labor. I made it through the day and headed over for my friend Erin's house. We were planning to have a "Girl's Night Out" at a local club in town called "The Hub." Erin, Sarah, and I went to the mall because we needed to get some stuff before we went out. While we were at the mall, I was so uncomfortable and sore. I had a hard time keeping up with the other two. *LOL* I had to pee so I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there were a few streaks of blood. I told them about it and Erin said, "Man, you're not going to make it through the night are you!" I went again before we left the mall and there was more blood. But we went on back to Erin's house and got ready for out night on the town. Sarah wasn't feeling well so she decided not to go unfortunately. So we got ready and went and got Crystal, who was coming along with us. Our friend Heather was going to meet us at the club.

The other three got quite tipsy while there! But it was all good since I make a great designated driver! And the bar kept giving me free Sprite refills since I was the driver. That part was cool. Brenna was very, very active in there during the time at the club. I guess she was dancing to the music or something! We went back to Crystal's place after the club closed and ordered pizza. I ate one slice and passed out on the couch. Erin woke me up and we headed back to her place. By the time the roads were getting a little slick and I decided to crash at her place since I didn't want to drive home in nasty weather. Her husband works nights so he wasn't home but would be in a few hours. We went on to bed about 4:30 and fell right asleep.

At 8:04AM I was out cold sleeping and suddenly felt a gush. I thought I was peeing on myself and tried to clench my muscles to stop it. It didn't stop! I said, "Erin! I think my water broke!" She jumped up and threw the blankets off of us and sure enough I was gushing out water! She grabbed three big beach towels and I shoved them between my legs and hopped across the hall to the bathroom. Erin's husband Mickey called Thomas and let him know. He also drove out to pick Thomas up since the roads were horrible and snow was falling fast! There were already 3 inches on the ground. i was standing in the shower letting the water run down my legs while Erin was calling everyone on my phone list. I texted Melba while standing in the shower and then called L&D. Mickey got back with Thomas and our friend Mitch around 9:30 and we headed for the hospital.

I was dilated to 3cm when she checked me when I got there. They hooked up all the IV stuff. I really wasn't in much pain at all. I could feel the contractions but they didn't hurt that bad. Around noon the nurse checked me again and i was up to 4cm. They started Pitocin to regulate and intensify the contractions. Then I REALLY began to feel the pain! I asked for an epidural ASAP. Around 1:00PM the "happy meds" doctor came in! I was so glad that I was going to be feeling better soon. Well he put in the epidural.....and the stupid thing didn't work!!!!! So he took it out and tried again. That time he nicked a vein and I started shooting blood out my back. So he took that one out, bandaged my back, and tried again. Third time's a charm and the pain began to go away.

Once the happy meds were in me, I was so relaxed! Mitch and I played cards for a bit and Thomas surfed the web and Erin texted folks on my phone since hers died. I took a short nap as well. By 5:00PM I was at 7cm. Erin's husband called her and she had to run home to do something quick. Well just before 6:00PM I felt a lot of pressure. The nurse checked me and I was fully dilated! She called my doctor and Thomas called Erin. I pushed for about 10 minutes and out she came! The funny part was about 1 minute after she came out Erin came in!

It was a very awesome birth experience! My nurses were fabulous and my doctor was great! And we've got a healthy and gorgeous little girl to show for it!

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