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November 21st, 2005, 06:03 PM
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At my 40 week appointment, my midwife tells me that she is going out of town and schedules my 41 week appointment with her partner. I really didn't mind because i hadn't really bonded with her at all and could have cared less if she was at the birth or not. I left the appointment crying because i was just so tired of being pregnant, and my midwife didn't tell me at all what to expect. It was like she forgot i was that far along.

My 41 week appointment comes and so far i haven't felt a single contraction, not one, but i immediately bond with this other midwife, it was instant!! She sends me down to labor and delivery for a non stress test, and i fail!! My amniotic fluid was very low. This was at 4:30pm. They immediatly admit me, get me settled into a room and i'm frantically trying to contact someone to come be with me. I was literally all alone as i changed into the hospital gown and got in bed. I finally get my sister on the phone and tell her that i'm about to be induced and to call everyone. DH was nowhere to be found, turns out he was napping and has his cell phone on silent! When i finally get a hold of him, he gets mad at me for springing this on him so unexpectedly. HELLO! It's not like I did this to HIM. At 6pm my midwife comes in and breaks my water and contractions start immediately. Around 6:30 my family shows up! They start pitocen around 8pm and I ask for some stadol almost right after that starts. I regret getting the stadol because it didn't do anything but make feel loopy, it didn't really help me control my pain. Around 11pm i ask for an epidural, but the anestheiologist is in the middle of an emergency c section so i'm told i have to wait. My nurse comes in and tells me that all the nurses are cheering me on back at their station cuz they can see my contractions on the monitor and can't believe i'm drug free. Around 2 am, they check me again and i'm dilated 4 centimeters. I finally get the epidural at 2:30 am!! Right after i lay back down, i feel an odd urge that sort of feels like i have to pee, but different so the nurse checks me and i'm fully dialated. I went from a 4 to a 10 in the 15 minutes it took to get the epidural. I pushed for 45 minutes and my midwife asked if I was ok with episiotomy. She told me it looked like I had a ring of scar tissue in my vagina and it wasn't stretching very good. I okayd the epi and on the very next push River was born. My whole labor lasted about 9 hours. I would do it again in a hearbeat and can't wait until the next baby!! River was born August 5th, at 3:43 am

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