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April 7th, 2008, 02:02 PM
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My name is Nessa. I am 21 and currently 26 weeks with my current little miracle. I lost my first child at 11 weeks and 1 day on 1 November 2006.

I noticed i felt sick for 2 days, which is not normal for me at all (i am very picky and aware of my body). My friend said it was nothing. Well, the third day rolled around, and i noticed it didn't go away and that i was 2 weeks late! So she took us to the store and i bought a hpt. It came out positive, which scared me to death. We didn't have money, or a good place to live (bad trailor park). So i went to a free pregnancy clinic, and they confirmed the positive hpt. Two days later, i had an ultrasound to find out i was only 6 weeks along.

Everything went by normally, except i really didn't FEEL pregnant at 11 i didn't think anything of it. I noticed one day that is started to have a dark discharge, but it wasn't bloody. It continued onto the next day, which was Halloween. I went trick-o-treating with some friends and felt very uncomfortable. I went to bed and didn't hink anything of it. The next day, i got into a big argument with my fiance at a friend's house, so we walked home (about two streets down). Along the walk home, i started cramping. They continued to get worse, and only felt better when i bent over holding my belly. When i got home, i told my fiance that i was cramping.

The next thing i know, i am in a car, on my way to the ER. By the time i got in and situated (less than on hour...WOW!), it had turned to a lighter red discharge, but not pure blood. They did an ultrasound, and couldn't find anything. So they pulled out the vaginal ultrasound and looked around. They wouldn't tell my anything. But i noticed that it hurt A LOT. I went back to my room, and waited there. My fiance went out for a cigarette. I got up to get something, and i screamed. I had blood running down my legs and dripping. My fiance ran in (he was just ouside the room on his way back), saw the blood, called a nurse, and tried to calm me down. I cleaned it up off the floor (i felt embarassed), and the nurse came in and gave me a pad to wear. About 10 min later, the doc came in and said that there were no signs of a fetus in the ultrasound. He said that i had a complete miscarriage. I lost it. He said that he was very sorry, but there was no way to tell what caused it. He came back an hour later, checked me, said i didn't need a D&C, and sent me home with some Vicatin's and told me to stay in bed.

I stayed in bed alright...depressed. I noticed the scary coincidence....i was 11 weeks 1 day...and i m/c on 11/1/06...too many ones for my happiness. I will forever love the first child i lost.

Thank you .:Shortcake:. for the awesome siggy!!

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