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February 8th, 2005, 02:10 PM
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Hey gals, I've been reading tons of posts for the past couple days and I haven't read anything that mirrors my situation. So here it is, my last AF was on Jan 12 and as always, I forgot to pick up my prescription (2 days late) . For the first week and a half I was playing catch up as I cannot take two pills at the same time (they make me sick). This is the only form of bc that my bf and I use. The past two weeks I have been urinating frequently, been very tired, my bbs have been VERY sore and swollen (as the bf said), I have been having AF like cramps and I have also had this pain in my groin area. I know that these are also symptoms of AF, but I never get these symptoms two weeks out, I usually get them the day before or the day of AF. I have also had this metallic taste in my mouth, been dizzy, had a brown discharge and been constipated. Yesterday I noticed that I have a lack of appetite (NOTHING sounds good to me!) My period is also very regular, starting the 3rd day of placebos. Anyway, my question is how likely would it be for me to be pregnant if I wasn't taking my pills right for the first two weeks? Is it just like not being on the pills? Thanks for all the help, you gals are great!
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