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April 9th, 2008, 09:40 AM
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It's really hard to say which states are easy and which are hard with the exception of the ones where you just homeschool and no one cares what you do. Some people look at our laws in VA and think we have it hard, but in reality it is super easy. We send in our notice of intent each year and test kids 6 and older annually, but those tests are only in language arts and math and can be done at home and the kid only has to score 24th percentile or higher. I've actually had people insist that MD must be easier than VA because of how the law reads, but I was homeschooled in MD and know for a fact that it's harder to homeschool there than here as far as recordkeeping and someone looking over your shoulder goes.

I have decided, however, that Texas is the perfect state overall for my requirements. Not that I'll be moving there anytime soon, but they have super easy homeschooling laws, no state income tax, a heck of a lot cheaper than northern VA (okay, so that's not hard to be), philosophical exemption for vaccines, and great homebirth laws.

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