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November 22nd, 2005, 11:50 AM
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My doc was going to induce me the night before Gavin was born. It turned out that I was laboring on my own, so they admitted me to the hospital. They were going to start pitocin in the AM if I needed it. The contractions started to REALLY hurt, so I got the epidural. It took my body a long time to accept it, I was shaking pretty hard. So then, I finally calmed down and they woke me up around 4 to tell me that his heart beat wouldn't go down and the doc was coming in. She got there a few minutes later, and said they might have to do an emergency C section. She put the head heart monitor thingy on his head to get a better reading, and it was very high. My temp was also very high. So they took me in for the c-sec and as soon as he came out, he was fine. IT turned out that I had an infection in my placenta.
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