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April 11th, 2008, 06:18 PM
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having grown up in NY then having lived in VA - then moved to Ohio I have found it to be a southern thing. My son right now is in a private school with really good kids - but none of them say sir or maam and they are all well behaved kids. (they also rarely say please or thank you) GRRRR! I taught school in VA for 10 years - both middle school and 2nd grade - and rarely would a child NOT say yes ma'am - regardless of the type of family that they grew up in. I have to admit that the first time an 8th grader said Ma'am to me - I thought they were being disrespectful to me (like sarcastic - KWIM?) because I grew up in the North and while I would always be polite - please and thank you etc.... - ma'am and sir were not words I was taught to use.

Fast forward to my kids - they are being raised in the North - but are expected to use ma'am or sir - they are expected to say Mr. or Mrs. and please and thank you. Regardless of whether they are the only ones around here that use it - I dont care. Like you - people we are really close to - they say Miss Kristina or Mr. Rob but that is as close as they get to using an adults first name.

It really is a disservice that kids are not expected to use manners everywhere! (ok - stepping down off of my soap box!)

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