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April 12th, 2008, 05:45 AM
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Heck I even call my own kids Sir and Ma'am when addressing them often.[/b]
Same here, Alison.

It just blows my mind how diverse opinions and cultures can be. I have been called Mrs. Last Name by some kids and just Jennifer by others. I have to say it drives me bonkers for a kid to address me so commonly. I even had one little girl calling me Jenny! Now, I hate to be called Jenny by anyone, but a 6 year old? Uh-uh. IMO, it seems as though they're putting themselves at the same level as adults and that's just not ok in my book. I don't mind Ms. Jennifer at all. I just feel like using a title when addressing an adult is respectful. I also call other adults by Mr. or Mrs. when talking about them to my kids. Sometimes they may be confused about who that is, so I'll say so-and-so's mom or dad.

Something else that's funny. Dh had a friend from work over the other day. He's 27 (I'm 35). Apparantly he was raised to not only show respect to adults, but to women in general. I just about fell over when he called me ma'am. I expect to be called ma'am by children, but it was just so funny to be called that by someone not much younger than myself.
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