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April 12th, 2008, 06:44 AM
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It's a southern thing And living in a southern state, it's a where in the state you are thing for VA. I live right outside of DC in northern VA. Kids address adults that they don't know as Mr. or Mrs. LastName, but for people they know it tends to be just the first name. I personally don't like that so I have my kids call my friends Mr. or Miss FirstName. I get a lot of comments about how unusual (and nice) that is. (Only once have I had someone take offense to my kids calling her Miss FirstName and insist they drop the Miss immediately. Never have I had anyone want to be called Mr. or Mrs. LastName. Of course most of the people older than me that we know are at church and *I* call them Brother or Sister LastName - in our church we refer to people as Brother or Sister, not Mr. or Mrs., and so my kids call them that, too.)

As for Sir or Ma'am, that is only used by people working in retail. If a child addresses an adult as sir or ma'am it is 99% of the time being snarky and NOT okay. Like saying "Yes, ma'am" in a sarcastic way. Needless to say we have not and will not be teaching our kids to use sir and ma'am because of this.

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