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February 9th, 2005, 12:43 PM
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Ok i'm on the pill this is the first month. I started the sunday after my period in January. I started Jan 16th on the pill [if I counted right, LOL!]. I had my period Jan 10-11, normally 8 days long. I NORMALLY get my period at the end of the month, so my period being Jan 10-11 was early and oddly short. Anyways, so now i'm on the pill and even before I started the pill i've felt awfullly sick, my boobs are very tender, and i'm peeing like ALL the time drinking the same amount I always have. Now i'm a whimp and hate feeling sick, I feel like i've spend a TON of time feeling like i'm about to puck over the toilet. I don't know if Migranes are anything to do with PG either or not, cuz I alway have them but i've had them worse recently. Also, my dumb butt didn't use anyother protect all month on the pill. We've used the 'pull out' method, before I started the pill, mostly. I don't know how well, the pill was/is protecting me, or what my chances areof being pregnant --- but i'm assuming high. Can I be PG, or it to soon to know. i'm still kinda freaked cuz of last month being 2 days long.
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