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April 14th, 2008, 05:39 PM
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Well.... it's not morning anymore, and the day has happened already, but I had my four year old nephew here for his first "official" day of pre-K. He threw my intention to do a "slow and very gentle approach with minimal work book time" right out the window! I can't believe that a child who has an attention span of like 30 seconds for workbooks that are IN colour actually sat and did almost 45 mins of black and white work book stuff (admittedly about 20 mins was painting a picture, but regardless)! I've read a whole pile of books, some more than once, we're learning a poem about the owl that hears more the less he speaks (something we need to work on in his life), and are working on memorizing some Bible verses. The poem is almost memorized already, and I fully anticipate having the verses memorized by the end of the week, and maybe even more than just the three or four I picked-- this kid has an incredible memory-- he was quoting full conversations he and I, or he and DH had had two months ago to me today, word for word... minus a few syllables and sounds, lol!

And, we went to Wal-mart, and the post office, and then after getting kicked out of the inlaws house because they were about to cook something I'm allergic to, I went to foodlion to buy strawberries which are on sale at the moment... and discovered that I CAN eat something here that I CAN'T in Canada, so I decided that since it's been something I've been wanting for nearly two months, I would get some! (it's not very healthy though) Now... I just have to make supper, which is very quick and easy because I'm having my not so healthy food that I bought.
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