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April 18th, 2008, 03:21 PM
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My nephew has now finished a week of school... and the pace he has set has him about two weeks ahead of where I was planning on him being today! We've completed the full "f" section of Get Ready for the Code, and are four pages into the "b" section of that book, and his f's actually are starting to look like f's... with no help from me, and he can actually *mostly* make tidy looking ones on one inch lines! We've also conquered (I think) the idea of colouring correctly, which means we don't just draw all over the page with one crayon and call it "finished" and we make sure our arm is positioned properly (he likes to have his arm floating in the air, which causes a lack of control of the crayon/pencil).

I've sliced the pages of the ETC books out of the cover, and now the covers are just like folder things, and today we decorated the bell for the b with buttons! It looks so nice, and he was thrilled to get to do a craft... he wants to do more feather painting, which is how we decorated the fish for the f section on Monday. I'm thinking we're going to use yarn to make the mitten colourful next week assuming he keeps his pace up... unless someone has an idea of something that actually starts with 'm' for what to stick all over it?

He keeps telling us he wants to be a fire fighter, so I've now got it arranged that we will be able to go to the local fire station and get a look at the outside and inside of the trucks, and the equipment they store out of the trucks, and all that stuff next week... probably on Wednesday. I'm going to call my dad and find out everything I should ask to see, since Dad is a firefighter. I'm just too familiar with what you can see around the trucks and the station, so I'm not sure what to ask about, whereas Dad was the public relations rep and gave station tours for the department for nearly ten years until we moved to a new community, so he knows everything you should see on a fire station tour with a four and six year old (we're hopefully going to include my niece in this trip).

Anyway... this was a good week! I'm not stressing quite as much about *him* now, which is very, VERY good! I find it really funny that he has been insisting on at least 1 hour of workbook time all this past week, and I'm so glad that we have the Rod & Staff A-B-C set, because those are a great way to build his fine motor skills and keep him busy, and they're not just "colour the picture in the colouring book" or whatever, so he actually believes that colouring the picture in the R&S book is school work! Yay, lol! Next week in R&S he gets to use scissors for the first time in his LIFE (yep, it's true, he's never been allowed to touch them before...), so he'll probably be excited by that.
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