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April 19th, 2008, 08:28 AM
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I moderate an online support network for Christian homeschoolers in the area. Mormons and Catholics are welcomed. Even non believers are welcome. But the fundamental belief that Jesus was born to a virgin, died on the cross and rose again, and through belief in that we are saved will not be disputed. After that, it is a free for all. Birth control or not? Not a salvation issue, discuss to your hearts content. Anyway, it has been called the best thing to happen to homeschooling in N FL in the last ten years. We have about 260 families on the loop. It started with 6. WE share everything. We pass around clothes, curriculum, ideas, prayer requests. Anything you want or need can be given or asked for. It is just a simple googlegroup, email based. We announce field trips or class offerings or political meetings, or even sales at Sam's.

We do not have a co-op. There is talk of people wanting it and I am all for them doing it. I even said I would teach something. But I have just gotten to this point. In the past, friends and I would do small co-ops, taking turns at each others' houses, dividing up the work, but all working together in the same room, at the same time. I have a great curriculum for that you can order, if you are interested I will find out how to order it. It is based on books by Patricia Pollaco that are just amazing. It gives you ideas to incorporate history, art, science, language arts, all based on the story. It even encourages research and reports (platform=privilege). And the best part is that it is for all ages. You just expect more from the 15 yo than you do from the 3 yo.
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