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April 22nd, 2008, 09:17 AM
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As I was getting Kaleigh and myself ready to meet with DH at a friends house my water broke Sunday, 10/28! Of course I thought I peed myself, but it just kept coming! I had to patiently wait (over an hour!) for MIL and DH to get to my house so that one could take me to the hospital while the other one stayed with Kaleigh.

It took 2 nurses 5 or 6 PAINFUL attempts to get an IV in my arm. I had many bruises from them the next few days. Forget cursing when you deliver a baby, I was cursing while they shoved that needle in my arm!! I told them having a baby was going to be a breeze after going through that! (what little did I know)

DH ordered a pizza when he got there. The nurse let me eat one slice since she said I was in for a long night.

My Doc wasn't on call so I had to see a diff Doc I never met. She/He (I am not sure what is was) wasn't the friendliest and made me so uncomfortable. "It" put me on pitocin b/c I wasn't going into labor. I was sad b/c I really wanted to experience birth without pitcocin. I was in labor all through the wee hours of the night. It was so painful. Hubby slept soundly on his pull out bed. I kept buzzing the nurse for some more drugs in the IV b/c I was waiting for the epi. I think I ended up with 2 or 3 doses of the medicine that made me super loopy. At one point I looked at DH and asked him how much they were going to charge me for my glasses! I mumbled some real crazy things!

Finally the epi arrives! OMG I am about to just throw myself out of the window. They made DH get out of the room while I got epi. Not sure why, he stayed in there when I had Kaleigh. Before the guy left he told me I had to push a button for more of the medicine. I was confused, but kept pushing that button b/c I could still feel EVERYTHING. He also told me to let the nurse know if it wasn't working b/c he would have to add more meds. Maybe I was dreaming, or the loopy drugs made me hear things-but I am sure that's what he said. I am still feeling everything and able to move my legs and all so I panic and tell the nurse. She thinks I am insane. I knew I wasn't! After I had the epi with Kaleigh it was smooth sailing! I didn't know I was having a contraction unless I looked at the monitor! Nurse told me that EPIs are different now and I was supposed to be hurting still. I should have punched her.

My doctor is finally there in the morning! He comes and checks me around 7 and says I should hold off until he makes it back from the other hospital WAY across town.

Macie was not waiting much longer. Finally I feel lots of pressure in my butt and I knew Macie was coming! Not a nurse in sight!! I hit the nurse button and told them the baby was coming TWICE before anyone came in my room! My hubby said her head was coming out!! My Doctor run in the last minute and after 3 pushes Macie was here 7:48AM 7lbs 3 oz and 20.5 inches long!

I forget to mention that I felt everything! I was groaning and a nurse Shushed me! WTH! She is lucky I was too focused on getting Macie out!

NEVER AGAIN will I ever step foot back in that hospital. The Nurse staff was horrible! Maybe b/c it was a Sunday night. I had Kaleigh there and everything was wonderful!

In the end Macie was definitely worth all the pain!

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