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April 23rd, 2008, 04:38 AM
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I swear doctors these days just want to do enough to get paid, not to help the patient. I loved my OB with my first pregnancy. She was amazing. She listened to every concern and problem without passing judgement and granted any request I had. Unfortunately, because I delivered on a weekend, she didn't deliver my daughter, but an OB who I later found out is being investigated for medical malpractice, delivered her. I found the hospital nurses very unsupportive after I had her. They told me when she was a day old that she was losing too much weight too quickly and that I wasn't producing enough milk for her. Naive me didn't know at the time that milk doesn't come in until the third day. We were released on the second day and my daughter had only lost 3oz. In the middle of the second night there, they took my daughter and against my wishes, gave her formula. She never returned to just breast milk.

With my second pregnancy, I went to emerge for severe pain in my side, which I later found out was a result of rapidly progressing endometriosis. The OB that I saw that day took over as my OB and has refused to let me switch back to my first OB, saying we're not allowed to just OB hop that way, and "besides, she's already a busy woman being the chief of obstetrics, so we don't want to bother her with a simple case".

I didn't mention this yesterday, but when I saw him on Monday night, he told me to expect to miscarry again because there's no chance there's a baby in there if I haven't seen one by 6 weeks. It took 20 minutes of begging for another ultrasound later in the week before he finally agreed to one. He said "Well, I don't see the point in it, but I guess it can't hurt. But come back at 10 weeks if you haven't passed the pregnancy yet and we'll do a D&C". I told him it wouldn't be necessary because there's at least one baby in there and he said "Well, I'm the doctor and cases like this never turn out nicely, but the earlier we do a D&C the early we can get on figuring out your problem".

Needless to say, I'll have my ultrasound on Friday, see him Friday night and call the local midwives. I'm opting for a home birth.
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