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April 23rd, 2008, 09:26 PM
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Yes, good old PA. It was SO nice here last week, and I was just too busy to enjoy it, now this week is supposed to be drizzly and cloudly all week, hopefully I will get some good walks in with the dogs. Where are you moving to in October? We are hopefully moving, we will know tomorrow if DF is getting his promotion- if he does hopefully we can get out of my parents house. It is starting to really our a damper on our relationship- my dad and Chris get along fine, they are just both alpha-male type people so there is always a lot of tension- keep your fingers crossed for us!

I did good today, stayed OP, which has been a first in a while, thank goodness- we even went to Rita's and I got Sugar Free italian ice- woohoo! Hope you made it to the park![/b]

We made it to the park in 7 min (It looks so far!!) but it started raining immediately and Josh drove over to pick us up!

I think you are only an hour and a half from me!!

I did it!! I ran for 20 minutes! I am just so estatic- I am off to and interview- how is your day so far??? We have chilly drizzly weather here, I was hoping I could get Abby to the park today- hopefully it clears![/b]
CONGRATS!! That's a big feat. I was supposed to go running this morning at 6 but there was just no way. Jett was up about 6 times during the night, MAJOR teething issues right now. It's so hard... I really want to run though!

Thank you Cherry Berry. for my adorable siggy!

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