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November 29th, 2005, 08:28 AM
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I would do some research on transvaginal u/s's before your appointment to try and ease your mind. There is still the barrier of your cervix and other things in between the wand and where your baby is located so the likelihood of it causing a miscarriage is almost nothing from what i've read (i've had several of them over the past two years as well as 3 with this pregnancy to more accurately measure my cervix length). They could cause some irritation to your cervix, as does a pap smear or intercourse - but that doesn't cause miscarriage.

You do always have the right of refusal though, and if you're too uncomfortable with the procedure then don't do it. When I first went for my u/s with this pregnancy at 6wk6days - they were able to get a good enough look with the abdominal u/s and were able to see the heartbeat, so I didn't have to have the transvag. one. Maybe you'll be lucky, too!

Best of luck with your appointment!
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