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April 24th, 2008, 07:11 PM
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In our school (here where we live now) a teacher was shot and stabbed in front of fifth grade by her soon to be ex husband. The husband later committed suicide in a police stand off. This was back in February of this year. It really got me mad everyone was saying "This isn't suppose to happen here!" It made me want to ask where it was suppose to happen.

You would think teens woulds know better but when raised in that environment from young you see nothing wrong with it. Parents had no idea that for those 6 years the kids ruled the school. Then the parents would turn to the students and ASK if dress code was needed, random drug tests were needed, or if we should have book bags. We all knew we dressed inappropriate, if they did random drug tests at least one of our friends would be caught if we weren't doing drugs, and no book bags meant very few places to hide drugs when the dogs were there.

Our first health class was spent many realizing they've already slept with most of there class The simple little tree that says is you sleep with 2 people and each has one previous partner that in the end instead of just that one person you've actually slept with 60+ people. Just like DARE it was suppose to be "so don't do it", most heard "I've already slept with everyone". 7th grade health class was a disaster. Now some did wait until later.

Guess what our parents looked at... their income and our test scores and decided there couldn't be a problem. Meanwhile they'd have dogs go through our school 2x a moth hoping to get enough to convince parents. The parents couldn't head the problem because they had no idea. The school didn't know how to address it. It just was really bad. I was only there until end of tenth.

It's really sad that my college was less sexually active then my high school NOT that college should have been more but middle / high school should have less.


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