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April 25th, 2008, 08:58 AM
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With ds it was a constant stream it seemed like. I even met one of dh's aunts I'd NEVER seen before when she showed up at the hospital a few hours after ds's birth wanting to hold him "Hi, my name is Linda, I want to hold your baby". And I seriously haven't seen her since! My cousin came, my granny (who didn't like me anyways), my aunt, etc. Then at the house (we lived with my parents) it was even worse! Every time I tried to lay down someone else would show parents' friends and neighbors, dh and I didn't really have any friends. It sucked. I think I only held my son for the first few days when he was eating. Thank goodness he was a slow nurser and took an hour!

With dd we had moved out of state for dh's work, so only my mom was here for it (she had flown up a week before). My dad flew up a few days later. We didn't have any friends here so we only had to deal with them.

This time, my parents should be in AZ (we're in OR), so we won't have to share the baby with anyone! Hehe...I'm so excited! We are lame and still don't have any friends.
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