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April 25th, 2008, 09:48 AM
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For people who could/would come visit, before the baby is born lol I'm one of those that likes to be surrounded by supportive people while I am in labor/giving birth. I have one local friend who we'd let know the baby was born and I was at her homebirth in December and hopefully she'll be available to come to mine when I go into labor. Some time after the baby is born I'll call my other friend (she lives 2000 miles away). As for family, my parents and aunt and cousin are planning to be there and possibly my sister. My brother's family lives 1,000 miles away. We'll tell them some time after the baby is here. My MIL lives in Ireland so depending on time (since we're EST and she's GMT) we'll let her know the baby arrived some time after he's here. Other than that there's no one in our family to really notify. They'll eventually get the message that he's here.

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