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April 25th, 2008, 05:39 PM
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It was so neat! Reilly was still sounding out words at the beginning of first grade, but by the end of the year, she was reading like a champ! Now, as we near the end of second grade, she's probably reading at a fourth grade level or something like that.[/b]
This is how I suspect Cameron will be (he's technically at the beginning of first grade since he moved to language arts 1 a couple weeks ago - we totally don't follow a normal school schedule - and he'd be nearing the end of kindergarten in public school now since he misses the cut off by 3 days here in VA). It's actually been so cool watching his reading abilities unfold.

Ani said she wanted to learn how to read and 3 weeks later she was able to read every set (A1 through C1) of the Bob Books. She was reading those leveled readers at level 2 by the time she turned 5. By 6 she had moved on to chapter books. Her current 9th grade reading level includes comprehension. Random words she can read past high school level, but I don't count it unless comprehension is there, too. Her learning to read was really not exciting. It was SOOO easy for her and just happened.

With Cameron it's totally different! Watching him learn and struggle a bit has been amazing and as he's getting better and better it's been truly thrilling. I don't feel like I taught Ani to read at all. She really taught herself. But I am teaching Cameron and it is so, so cool! It's such an accomplishment for him and I can't help but be incredibly proud of him.

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