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April 26th, 2008, 08:55 AM
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Four is actually quite early. Average age for learning to read is around 6. More people with early readers homeschool likely because they see that their kid is already reading before school age and it just doesn't make sense to them to send them to school when they are already ahead since it would likely just slow them down.[/b]
Right. 4 is early to be reading, but it is often more common amongst homeschoolers because of the reason mentioned above.

We had always considered homeschooling but were undecided until my dd started reading early reader books before she was 4. (She has been reading some words when she was 2, but not books). And now at 6 I am not even sure what grade level she is reading at. Over a year ago she was reading 3rd grade independently and 4th grade instructional level (help with a few words). But it has been a year and she is reading much better than she was a year ago.

My 4 yo son knows all the basic phonics sounds and can sound out words...but he can't actually figure out what the word is. For cat he will sound it out ca-ah-t, but it sounds like it is a 3 syllable word and he can't smooth it out currently. No worries. I am not stressed about it at all. He will figure it out in time.

My dh and I were the opposite of Heather and her dh. Neither of us were early readers. In fact both of our 1st grade teachers actually used the term "retarded" to describe us. And both said we would never learn to read. I am not quite sure what made our teachers think we were "retarded" we were both very capable with many things. Both of us struggled our first few years. But once it clicked it clicked. I ended up being considered gifted. Dh was homeschooled starting 3rd grade and he is VERY intelligent.

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