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April 26th, 2008, 10:40 AM
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From what I've seen, kids are learning to read earlier than they were in my day in general. Does anyone else notice this?[/b]
No, but they are trying to force it because of testing. Here they start testing the kids in first grade so they need to read before then. The problem is while they are TEACHING the kids to read, the kids are often not LEARNING to read earlier. Some will read early, some will read late and it is unfortunate that they try to force it in kindergarten when a good number of the kids simply aren't ready. It's creating poor readers and kids who just plain hate to read. Also, most schools are not using a phonics based approach and it is often easier to simply memorize words than take the time to learn to sound them out and learn what sounds blends make, etc. This often works great up to about a second grade level. Then the whole thing fails because it is very difficult to continue to memorize words at a higher and higher level. Again you get poor readers. So while it may look impressive that most of a kindergarten class can read, once you get to fourth or fifth grade the problems with the way they are forcing early reading become apparent.

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