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beccasmom7718 October 10th, 2009 01:50 PM

We got him!!! Nevermind either...IM MAD
I am beyond happy right now
he have the right to keep my SO's son at our house...
We got him for wed-sun. and his mom never sent him with a thing for him..no diapers..no clothes..nothing and to stop his tantrums she told us to use a wooden spoon. He has bruises from this..and at her house there are no toys and the 2 boys sleep on the floor...no nothing.
The baby is 4months old and lies in a bassinet all day..no baby toys or anything...sad. He came to us filthy dirty and no jacket (its snowing here)
So we were instructed by the court counselor we saw yesturday to call the crisis intervention line..which we did...they told us to take him to my doctor and get him checked out...so we did. My doc called the line and told them his findings and then the line called us at home. They told us to keep him and not let her know whats going on. They will be going to her home today or tomorrow.
To top it all off she called yesturday to ask for $600 so she didnt get evicted on sunday.
Im just so happy right now. I know she will probably fight it but it will turn out good.

we went to the court counselor today, because the legal aide said to come down to the court and file some papers..so we went...the lady at legal aid told us to go to the court counselor and they would get a temporary guardianship order today in court...sooo we went there..
The first lady said not a problem you will have a court date thursday instead...ok..its fast....but we sat down to talk to another lady and fill out paper work and she told us the judge would look at us like we were nuts and deny our guardianship.
We explained whats going on..she told us to call social services and get him removed...we told her we have called already they are investigating her and told us to keep him as long as we could...which is only til tomorrow. She told us we cant legally keep him because she has sole guardianship and jarvis hasnt seen him in 6months...that same on BS!#@@@ we explained she likes to take off. Its not our fault we havent seen him in 6months.
She told us we have to serve her...and show up in court nov 2 ... and we will only beable to have guardianship so jarvis can see him every 2 weeks for the week. NOW I am mad because there are 4 dif. ppl telling us different stories. I dont want this kid to go back to the same old situation he is in. But our legal system is messed up.
And now we cant get ahold of the social worker because she is on vacation til tomorrow and nobody else is around to help us out.
Im beyond frustrated!

Delekatala October 10th, 2009 07:35 PM

Re: We got him!!!
I have been following this for a bit. I am so glad you guys are advocating and getting him into a better situation. Just remember to document document document everything.

SarahBethsMommy October 10th, 2009 08:30 PM

Re: We got him!!!
Good advice, Jenny. Write down everything you find. Every bruise. Every scratch. Everything. If those kids are (God-forbid) sent back to her for some reason, she'll blame it ALL on you and you better have some sort of documentation on it. Even if you believe there is no way he'll ever go back to her, write it down anyway. It'll help HUGELY in court.

I wish you all the best! Will you get both children? I pray they are safe!!

beccasmom7718 October 11th, 2009 08:25 AM

Re: We got him!!!
i have to agree..documentation is the way!..we have written every phone call and taken pictures of his bruises and how dirty he was when he got here.
Last night the crisis lady called and said they dont have enough cause to go to her house for the other 2 kids....dont they count the other 6 times they have been called? or that she takes off? or they are getting evicted today??
so frustrating.

LadyLacy October 13th, 2009 06:01 PM

Re: We got him!!! Nevermind either...IM MAD
Im so very sorry ((hugs)) IA to document everything and use it as needed hopefully someone will listen soon.

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