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beccasmom7718 December 22nd, 2010 07:55 PM

frustrated with my sister
I just dont understand why some people have kids!!..like my sister for example.
her poor baby girl is 6months old, she didnt have any prenatal care, she hasnt taken her to the dr. for her 6week visit yet! and forget about her shots.... her bf was arrested for armed robbery, he has another gf on the side and my sister takes him back when he makes bail. She uses her daughter as leverage over my mom, my mom cant see her unless she gives her money, or buys formula or diapers, my sister has yet to buy those for her own daughter.
not to mention, she and her bf dont work. they have an apt. the 3rd in 4months, which has a playpen and a blow up bed because they left the crib and bed and furniture at the first place.
the poor little one lays in her bed all day, they dont get up til noon and they smoke pot in the house constantly with her there, and smoke with all doors/windows shut. And have no groceries.
im not allowed to babysit and ive seen her 3times in her life, because my sister is scared i will take her away.
I WISH there was something i could do. i dont have her address, or her number. And my mom thinks everything will just up and change.

Just_Marie December 22nd, 2010 10:24 PM

Re: frustrated with my sister
of course she doesn't want you to see her, that baby deserves to be in a safe home, which you can provide.

There are terrible, terrible parents out there, all over the world. Its very sad.

AlexKatieAiden Mommy December 24th, 2010 12:39 PM

Re: frustrated with my sister
I have a sister who is the just as bad. Just she has soon to be 6 kids (2 live with our parents, 3 are with me and #6 is due in June), she is a horrible alcoholic (3 of the 6 kids are thought to have some form of FAS, one has been diagnosed, and who knows about the new one), and she moves from guy to guy constantly (and she really picks winners :insert sarcasm here:). I would just say to do what you can and get social services involved if you can, which I know will be hard since you don't know where she is. But you could atleast call and if they find her they may remove the children since it is such a bad environment. Best of luck!!!

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