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juju1324 June 17th, 2013 11:41 PM

pregnant on nuvaring?
Hey ladies,

I'm wondering how many of you have gotten, or know of someone who has gotten, pregnant while on the nuvaring? Also, I would like some input on whether or not you think I am pregnant.

So I've been on the nuvaring for about 9 months with no problems, this month I started spotting about a week and a half before my period was due. After spotting for two days, I took out the nuvaring hoping that would "jump start" my period (then later found out you're not supposed to take it out early). After taking it out, the spotting got a LITTLE heavier, but still not enough to use up an entire tampon. So basically my "period" had come and gone before I was ever even scheduled to take the ring out. Also, I had been taking out the nuvaring during sex (no more than 3 hours), I'm not sure if this could cause spotting?

Starting after the spotting incident, I have developed a ton of pregnancy symptoms..cramps, always bloated, sore breasts (get more sore everyday it seems), moodiness, emotional, EXTREMELY exhausted, and I feel like I go pee more often than I used to. I took a Clearblue Easy Digital test a couple mornings ago and it said "Not Pregnant." Well, after I took it I realized that that was only about 2 weeks after sex (the soonest you can test), also while I was taking it I noticed that my pee was pretty diluted.

I know the logical answer to all this is just to take another test, which I plan on doing within the next few days, I just wanted to get somebody else's input and see if anyone else has went through a similar situation! Thanks in advance ladies! :)

matandnatsmommy July 13th, 2013 06:39 AM

Re: pregnant on nuvaring?
Oh that darn ring. . I got pregnant with my daughter on the nuavaring. . I remember sitting on the couch eating something and all of a sudden I had to yak. . Thought to myself impossible. . .went to store to get a pt. . Came home and saw the positive result right in front of me. . Called the doc. . Got a blood test and sure enough my little nattie cakes was born nine months later :-)

juju1324 December 16th, 2013 01:42 AM

Re: pregnant on nuvaring?
Just in case anyone is reading this thread in the future, thought I'd give you an update..

I never ended up getting a positive test, but the pregnancy symptoms continued to get worse. I continued to have my period, although it was always a lot lighter than usual with little to no cramps. I assumed that it was just the hormones messing with my body. Then a few months later I had an AWFUL period. Super heavy, super clotty, with tissue and bad cramps. I've never had a period that bad since before getting on birth control. After that period, all of the pregnancy symptoms started to disappear and eventually were all gone. So, regardless of whether or not I got a positive test, I'm convinced I had a miscarriage (I've went through 2 in the past).

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