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Blanket57 November 6th, 2010 10:58 AM

Negative HPT but 2 1/2 months late?
Hey everyone.

I'm just looking for some opinions on this. What I'm looking for is people who have gone through this and either turned out pregnant OR found out what the other cause was. Either way is fine with me, I'm just curious!

I've been on yaz for a few years and always got periods like clockwork. Being on birth control, I've rarely used condoms. In June I took a few extra pills (as in I was supposed to go to placebos on a Monday and took active pills Tuesday-Thursday THEN started the placebos.) That worked but then my period ended up becoming very erratic for nearly a month, bleeding on and off and the dr said that either I should have just taken the placebos on time or skipped them all together and gone straight into the next pack. So, that made sense. Finally mid july my period evened out. Towards the end of August I was on vacation and didn't take the placebos, but went straight through to the new pack as my dr had suggested. Usually when I've done this I still have some light bleeding, this time that didn't happen. I mention this because I do not know if I'd have had a normal period that time since I took the pills straight through. Since then, in both September and October I've missed my period. I've had some cramping both during and between the times I was meant to get it, but no period, not even light spotting. I've taken a few pregnancy tests, all negative. I've heard stories of woman not being able to get a positive until 4 months or so, and was wondering if this had happened to anyone or if it could just be my body STILL (nearly three months later) adjusting to taking two packets in a row? I don't feel like I really have any symptoms except headaches (which I generally get) and nausea (which could be poor eating?) If I don't get my period again this month, in about a week, I'll be visiting the dr, but I'm just hoping for some opinions before then.

Just hoping to find out if anyone else has gone through this and found answers!

SilverRose November 6th, 2010 02:14 PM

Re: Negative HPT but 2 1/2 months late?
Good luck!

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