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linchensmom September 29th, 2011 02:11 PM

Please read, it explains A LOT about symptoms during 2WW
Ok, here I am after MIA for a long time, not sure if anyone remembers me, but I was the one that surprised her husband last V-day with a BFP, now unfortunately, it ended in a m/c.

Now back to the "hard" work of TTC I found this on a website of course of all sites it was "planned parenthood" ;o)

I am back at 6dpo and symptoms or phantoms that are showing up since 3dpo....searching and lurking the past few days and trying to explain and wonder, I think I found the answers to all my questions in those paragraphs!!! YAY, now I am not saying that it will make the 2WW ANY easier BUT it makes complete sense:

The joining of egg and sperm is called fertilization. It is most likely to occur from sexual intercourse that happens during the five days before the egg is released or on the day of ovulation.

The fertilized egg moves down the fallopian tube and divides into more and more cells, forming a ball. The ball of cells reaches the uterus about 3-4 days after fertilization.

(which might explain some women having either a "crampiness" feeling or just feel different starting around 3dpo), again this DOESN'T mean you/we actually ARE pregnant at this point - only that we are pretty darn close ;o)

The ball floats in the uterus for another 2–3 days.

Pregnancy begins if the ball of cells attaches to the lining of the uterus.
This is called implantation. It usually starts about six days after fertilization and takes about 3–4 days to be complete.
The embryo will develop from cells on the inside of the ball. The placenta will develop from the cells on the outside of the ball.

It is possible for the developing ball of cells to split up until about the end of week four. If it splits into two, for example, identical twins can develop. It is also possible for two eggs to be released at ovulation. Fraternal — not identical — twins can develop if both eggs get fertilized by sperm and implant in the uterus.

Up to half of all fertilized eggs never implant. They pass out of women’s bodies during menstruation.

Gestational Age
Pregnancy is measured using “gestational age.” Gestational age starts on the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period (LMP).

Gestational age can be confusing. Most people think of pregnancy as lasting nine months. And it’s true that a woman is pregnant for about nine months. But because pregnancy is measured from a woman’s last menstrual period — about 3–4 weeks before she is actually pregnant — a full-term pregnancy usually totals about 40 weeks LMP — roughly 10 months.

Many women do not remember the exact date of their last menstrual period — that’s OK. The surest way to tell gestational age early in pregnancy is with ultrasound.

Now, I really wanted to share this info because although I think that I read a lot and have quite some knowledge by now lol, I still believe those paragraphs break it down very accurate and answer some questions that are asked repeatedly by so many!!!

Here is what I "read in those lines and in between:

a) it is completely "normal" to feel cramps and symptoms as early as 3dpo, because during conception we might have fertilized an egg and it has reached our uterus (now I can imagine that our uterus acts quite different when a fertilized egg enters or "floats around" opposed to a non-fertilized one - not even mentioning hormones here).

b) now this egg is floating around for another approx. 2-3 days - now we are at about 6dpo, give or take.

c) HERE comes the part we are ALL hoping for to go "smooth", IMPLANTATION, the part were our egg HAS to stick, to give us a BFP.....this part of the female reproduction process takes another 3-4 days - which finally makes our body to produce the hormone HCG (detected by HPT or blood test)....again it's levels has to rise to be read by any test and that can up to 3 days.

d) Here is the calculated result which varies from woman to woman:
earliest - 8 dpo, average - 11dpo, rather late - 14dpo

Now, I did not calculate twins or a long LP into this BUT I hope I am able to shed some light to this, because reading this answered many questions for me and that's why I took the time to write this ;o)

TONS of sticky dust to all of you lovely ladies :dust:

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