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anonmomma December 2nd, 2012 12:46 AM

Pregnant, ovulation, or PMS? Need help.
I won't delve too much into the back story, but I've had to resort to a forum because absolutely no one I've met can make me feel any better about the situation, only more conflicted. -_-

I'm not sure when the first day of my last period was, but I know that somewhere around the 5th I was on my period and I know it was definitely through by the 10th. My cycle is all screwed up right now, though.
Up until some time shortly before that I was on the ortho evra patch (though towards the end, I thought I was out at one point, left the patch off for two weeks, found more, put one on, thought I was out again, etc so needless to say I'm sure the effectiveness got messed up) but haven't been for at least four weeks or so now. My cycle has always been messed up and it's the main reason I started BC to begin with.

I had intercourse between Nov 12 and 14th, and then twice on Nov. 30th.
I've been exhausted but cant sleep, my breasts are sensitive, not really moody (which is odd for me if it is PMS), and there's this kind of sticky clear/cloudy/or white, odorless discharge.
Then the 26th or 27th, as I was just lying on the couch watching tv, I started cramping. Not intense pains, just kind of enough to be difficult to ignore. The cramps continued on and off for about two days. Now (12/2) I'm not really "cramping" anymore, but my uterine area is tender. It aches to put pressure on and is really tight. I'd like to say frequent urination, but I drink a LOT in a day especially being dehydrated recently so it's really hard to say.

I've taken two pregnancy tests, one tonight and one on the 27th or 28th but both were negative. I have an appointment on the 3rd to go for the blood testing because with my eldest daughter, I had taken a HPT and it came back negative, when I was 7 weeks, I got sent to the hospital and was tested before an xray and it came back positive revealing that I had been pregnant the whole time. So I figured I would cut out the wait time and just go for a blood test toward the beginning.

I guess I just kind of want to know if you all think I'm wasting my time.
I tried and ovulation test kit and it came back negative, so I most likely already have.
I can't tell if it's PMS because I don't know when my period is coming, and if I don't know my cycle, then I don't know if it's ovulation or not. What do you think the likelihood of me being pregnant is? And do you have any opinion or personal experience you think could help me? Thank you guys in advance. ><;

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