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kadesmama0912 January 19th, 2013 12:55 AM

two different days for AF to start? please help?!
I have a one year old son, i conceived with very irregular periods. After him my period went back to normal, it start on the 16th/17th every month. Well for november, it idnt start on those days, its started very light on the 30th, and ended about 2 days later, not near heavy nor long as usual (5-7 days). I also have a 29/30 day cycle. I was having sex with a man on the 27th-3rd and he was not pulling out/ not preventing. I did not have a period for December. I have not had a period for January, but am feeling cramps, no blood though. Cramps very light. Could he have gotten me pregnant during that weird light period i had? Even if i didnt have the regular on the 16th? I want to wait til the 30th to test, to make sure stress hasnt delayed it and maybe the 30th will be my new starting time. Someone please give me opinions? As i said, i used to have irregular periods. My ovulation could be all over the place.

jessgirl91 January 19th, 2013 04:50 AM

Re: two different days for AF to start? please help?!
I would test now if you want, I think it should come up if you were pregnant, if you are, a follow up dating ultrasound would be very handy, since the last period you had (light bleeding) may not have been a period perhaps and possibly have been implantation bleeding, and you may have already fallen pregnant before that bleeding 6-16 days prior Or as you said maybe you fell pregnant after that short period. I would take a hot. Hope that helped :)

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