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Jnw5891 May 10th, 2013 09:09 PM

Hard Pubic Area ?? Help please !
Hello everyone. Just have a couple questions but let me start off with the basics. I have always been irregular ever since I first started having periods. Well almost 3 years ago even though I was irregular I still got pregnant with my now 3 yr old son. I had a period the month before I found out with him and I found out at 5 weeks pregnant. I was extremely sick and diagnosed with the severe morning sickness (Forgot how to spell it) and it was a horrible pregnancy. Well I had my last period February 25th and got off on March 1st. Well now I am 46 days late. I took a test April 30th and I got a faint positive with 1 test and then a negative with the 2nd test. So I let it go and said forget it I will try again in a week if I don't get my period. Well now it has been a week and last night I had realized that the area near my pubic bone is HUGE and bulging out just like it did when I was pregnant with my son. I know I know I am going to retest tomorrow and then go to a Dr. but I am wondering if any other mothers have experienced this?? Do you think I could be pregnant with my 2nd miracle?

~ Nicole ~ May 11th, 2013 02:11 AM

Re: Hard Pubic Area ?? Help please !
wow it is hard to remember since my last full term pregnancy. I think it was around 2 months pregnant that I could start to feel my uterus enlarging. Your pubic bone should not change at all. If your enlarging in your uterus area than you could definitely be pregnant but I would think if your uterus is large enough for you to start to feel the change than the pregnancy test should be positive by now. Retest and if you are still confused than you can seek a blood test at the doctor office. Let us know what happens.

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