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curiousrae July 29th, 2013 09:05 AM

So I know you all can't exactly make it official as to whether I am pregnant or not so I'm basically just posting to get some opinions and see if anyone has had a similar experience.
Starting from the beginning to explain my irregular monthly, I got the depo last June(of 2012) and I could only afford it once so after that I got it no more. My last time being sexually active waswith my ex March of 2013, which was about 17-19 weeks ago, I can't exactly remember the date, didn't think it would matter. Around 7-8 weeks later I had a massive breakdown and just cried in my restroom after throwing up and I just kept asking myself what in the world was wrong with me. A few days latwr I started to feep queasy, I work in a bakery, at the smell of freshly baked bread and pastries which usually makes my mouth water. Everything, every scent was just extra sensitive on my nose, I was dizzy more than often, felt like I could vomit like everyday for three weeks straight and that's when I realized my period was late. I started looking things up on the internet and learned that the runny nose I'd had could've also been one of the many early pregnancy symptoms. So I took two pregnancies tests, two separate days and they both came outta negative. The day after the second test I got my period and it lasted for two weeks as usual. My period had started to come Every two weeks for two after the depo. It started out really light, which was unusual because it always attacked, and then got heavy as it progressed. Looking back on my period tracker I noticed that my perood became lighter and shortet over time and hasn't came at all recently. It's actually 9 days late. After reading about phantom pregnancies and receiving multiple no's I convinced myself that was what I was dealing with especially since a cause of it I read was being separated from someone you love and stress an fear of being pregnant. I finally convinced myself and next thing I know I have the hardest stomach and it feels as if something is putting pressure on my bladder and it hurt my bladder for me to pee. It was horrible. I was having sharp pains all around my lower abdomen at night and recently had cramp-like feelings in my lower abdomen near the sides and horrible back pains, discomfort while trying to sleep. It was just agonizing. I've also been eating way too much but losing weight. Earlier last week I was about 143.2lbs and my weight has declined to 140lbs exactly. My face is breaking out more than often and I can barely suck my tummy in like I do. Nobody in my family has said anything about my buldge just that I am so skinny but if this is a pregnancy boy are they in for the surprise of their lives.
Please leave your feedback. I know it's a lot to read but I just need someone to hear this. Thanks to all!
**Forgot to mention I got the milky white discharge on what was supposed to be the day of my ovulation but the discharge has been coming and going since then, which was 9 days ago, and my cervix is also pretty high and I'm not exactly sure if it's hard or soft.

Caydens_mommy July 29th, 2013 10:07 AM

Re: Pregnant?
My opinion would be go to the dr because it could be a number of things how old are you? if your older could you be going thru the change? hormones are a crazy thing that makes are body do crazy things if you are younger I would ask for a blood pregnancy test they are so much more accurate and I would also be checked for stomach tumors not to scare you I pray that you are ok and its just hormones, I wish you the best of luck whatever the case may be. I hope this helps! ! !

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