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YellieBean August 22nd, 2013 08:36 AM

Implantation bleeding 12 DPO
GM Ladiees! I just wanted some opinions if you could please be so kind as to tell me what you think. So, this is month #3 ttc our first and I am really trying to be as optomistic as my husband, but it's so hard.
So, according to my charting, I am 12 dpo today. My temps have only continued to increase, not decrease and are staying pretty consistant at 98.2-98.6. I am having some lower back pain today, which I do not normally get before af arrives, so I am trying to look at that as a good sign. I guess I am just a bit worried that because of the slight spotting I'm having, maybe I'm down for the count this month? Anyone have implantation bleeding or just maybe a little spotting just a couple days before af was to arrive, but actually get a BFP after that?
I took a test yesterday and got a BFN, which I was completely prepared to get.
Normally, if I am just about to start af, I will bleed a little after sex and that didn't happen yesterday so that was a little different. :tmi: sorry!
My breasts are really heavy and overall sore to touch and that isn't ever really an af sign.
Any opinions? The spotting I'm having is barely anything at all. I checked my cervix and only had clear/slightly muddled cm and a little bit later just a spot of darker brown blood. I guess I'm just grapsing, but I feel like I always do this when af should be coming soon!

KellJoO August 22nd, 2013 09:36 AM

Re: Implantation bleeding 12 DPO
Some spotting is normal in the early stages of pregnancy....so it could be that you are pregnant, or it could be a very slow start to AF.

Your symptoms sound promising, but the trouble is that they can also be very tell-tale signs AF is coming too. The worst part is waiting, and thats all you can do! If you have another test, I'd try that with at least a 3 hour hold....or test again tomorrow morning if no AF.

Best wishes!

YellieBean August 22nd, 2013 09:59 AM

Re: Implantation bleeding 12 DPO
Thanks :) You're right, that is the trouble with those symptoms. Why must these things me so complicated, right?
I'll test most likely tomorrow morning or Saturday morning. Trying to stay positive!

Papasgirl August 23rd, 2013 05:45 AM

Re: Implantation bleeding 12 DPO
If your spotting is Implantation bleeding, then a test should register positive 48 hours after the start of the bleeding. I am thinking testing is in order. If it was me, i would be testing everyday.....but i was a POAS-aholic! Sending you lots of good vibes!!!

YellieBean August 23rd, 2013 04:55 PM

Re: Implantation bleeding 12 DPO
That's what I was thinking but I'm still experiencing th spotting today. No period, just brown spotting. Poas yesterday afternoon and bfn. If no full af tomorrow, I'll test. Believe me, I'm a poas addict as well!!

YellieBean August 24th, 2013 06:37 AM

Re: Implantation bleeding 12 DPO
Well af is here. On to the next!

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