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Md7785 September 8th, 2013 10:38 AM

Could I be pregnant?
Hi! This is my first post so I may not know all the lingo so bear with me! I got my copper iud removed 8/27 and my period had started 8/23. My husband and I started trying immediately. According to normal ovulation calendars I should have ovulated this week so I tested all week and negatives for all. Last Tuesday though, 9/4 I was at a restaurant that I normlly love and the smell of the seafood I ordered sent me running. Since then I've had some pressure feelings in my lower conter abdomen and been feeling very off my normal. Last night 9/8 I woke up with bad cramps in the same central spot and stomach issues with nausea. Now I have a pulling feeling in the same spot. Those cramps were as bad as a normal period and that has never happened other than night 1 or two after starting. My expected period is 9/20. What do you think? Could I have ovulated early and already feeling it?

KellJoO September 8th, 2013 01:35 PM

You could be ovulating now- some women experience cramping and some of the things you've described during ovulation. If you have ovulation tests you could try them now.

It could also be your body adjusting coming off the IUD.

Or, yes you may be pregnant and didn't catch your ovulation positive on a test if it happened earlier.

Lots of possibilities! I would wait until closer to your period and take a home test. Good luck!!

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