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Ms.spoon October 12th, 2013 12:32 PM

Implantation bleeding or period?
Hi, I'm 16 and on the pill and take it everyday between 8 and 9 pm with out error, but have also been taking the antibiotic Bactrin for a uti, I had sex without a condom every night for a week until 4 days before the placebo pills in my bc. He always pulled out but I know pre cum is just as bad. Yesterday(Friday) i was supposed to get my period and it's always right on time. It was a couple hours earlier then expected but still in the right time frame, a few hours later I noticed it was weird. it was just like the end of my normal period and I had cramps Thursday and Friday and and the flow is the same as usual but the color was wrong, it was brownish with some light pink. Today when I woke up it was very light and now has completly stopped. I have been very stressed this passed month over a multitude of things, and have been getting little sleep and in irregular patterns. So my question is, how likely is it that this is implantation bleeding and not just a weird period? Will it get normal if it's not implantation bleeding? And how soon can I take a pregnancy test that would be accurate? It's just the second day of my period so i guess I haven't really given it time to straighten out but being pregnant would be not a good thing for me at 16 so I need information.

AmiraX4 October 12th, 2013 04:49 PM

Re: Implantation bleeding or period?
Not sure but I know that most antibiotics can interfere with birth control.

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