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Nursemommy22 June 16th, 2014 10:12 PM

confused and I need some answers? lol
I will give some history first. With my son I got pregnant and had negative test I used blue dye equates and thought I saw a line and so I went to the dr and negative. Still no period but I started spotting and went to the er and got a blood test done and postive. Ok thats that. Now I have been on bc pills the past year and I got off in november last year and my periods became a 24 or 25 day cycle. Ok so this period which started may 20 I took an ovulation test on the 28th and it was postive. I had sex the 26th through 28th. I didnt believe the test because I didnt have egg white discharge so I took others of the same equate brand the next few days and they grew lighter which mean ovulation had passed or is occuring or whatever im not really sure. So then I take another on the 9th of june and its positive again! The dollar tree brand this time. The test line was way darker than the control line. So I was like well I guess im ovulating again but still no ewcm. So then I took another ovulation test from dt and it was postive as well. I took that one on The 12th and still darker than the control line. So I start researching and I look up that it can detect pregnancy, so I say cool let me take a test and of course its negative. Im so confused. I have been cramping every day for the past week but no period and it feels like im having ovulation pains but im having them on both sides and ive never felt that before. I said if it didnt come on this week I was going to the dr. By my regular 24 or 25 day cycle it should have come on the 13th. But im going to act like it has changed back to a 28 day cycle and its supposed to be on the 17th if thats the case. I hope you get what im saying. Im sorry guys!

Also I have alot of creamy white discharge. No itching or smell though.

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