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  1. Has anyone ever?
  2. tea?
  3. How far along are you right now?
  4. contraction counting at 25 weeks?
  5. Formerlysmashley...
  6. what do you think?
  7. I'm cramping and so scared!
  8. ectopic?
  9. Calling all Web-Loving Pregnant Ladies and New Mommies!
  10. If you are GBS+ are you getting routine cervical checks?
  11. GBS, cervical checks, and induction? (long)
  12. What do you know about Vitamin A?
  13. Need reassurance...who is the Dad?
  14. please help
  15. Terrified of ectopic pregnancy
  16. lack of movement when to go to the hospital?
  17. Cravings!
  18. Welcome PDXMama
  19. Shout to to new member Elissa!!
  20. Inconsistent and fluctuating symptoms
  21. Elderberry - am freaking out
  22. How many ...
  23. Occupation?
  24. November Roll Call!
  25. Missing work due to pregnancy symtoms?
  26. How is conception calculated?
  27. Alcohol before knowing :(
  28. A Possible TMI Question...
  29. Pregnant with Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder
  30. I took medication before I knew I was pregnant :-(
  31. 2 weeks pregnant?
  32. Possible UTI
  33. Morning sickness, 13 weeks, concerned!
  34. cramping?
  35. Prenatal Vitamins
  36. Couple of random questions about walking and ACV
  37. New here with questions.
  38. Cant find heartbeat?
  39. Tips for the Glucose Tolerance Test for G.D
  40. Looking for a host for this board.
  41. implantation spotting?
  42. Oops.
  43. By what Last Period do I calculate???
  44. first pregnancy-need your help please
  45. how much weight to gain
  46. Flu shot while pregnant???
  47. Cramps
  48. Sloberific.
  49. Chiropractic Care and VBAC?
  50. New to the board, but I need advice from experienced mothers.
  51. Any Mommy’s interested in sharing your story with me?
  52. Dry mouth? Headaches? Panic attacks?
  53. is it common to be told the wrong gender at 18-20 wk sono?
  54. Now it doesn't matter what I eat
  55. Anyone else have this problem?
  56. Pregnancy and emotions...is this normal?
  57. Please help!
  58. Big Baby
  59. Pregnant with a period?
  60. Help...I'm constipated!!!
  61. Skin care and pregnancy
  62. Mucus Plug??? Help Please..
  63. Spotting
  64. First timer, and I'm confused with the food aspect
  65. First time pregnancy and scared about cramping
  66. What helps??
  67. Baby's Position Early in Pregnancy
  68. Positive Plus-Sized Pregnancy
  69. Help, I need advice quick!!!
  70. Is shrimp safe?
  71. Why am I not showing yet? When did you start to show?
  72. Horrible Nightmares....Normal?
  73. question on beta's and progesterone
  74. Tell Gender by Heartrate?
  75. For those on 3rd or more pregnancy...
  76. How to prevent strtch marks???
  77. I need some kind of answer PLS
  78. Urine Culture is + for Group B Strep
  79. What did you learn the last time you were pregnant? Please share your best tip!
  80. Night Sweat
  81. Could use some advice
  82. Discharge ques?
  83. Dropped Temp mean possible miscarriage?
  84. Early in pregnancy sickness
  85. Baby's father is much older?
  86. Prurigo and/or other preg rashes
  87. HPV.
  88. Does this look like a case of a Miscarriage?
  89. Prego Sign?
  90. Pregnancy – morning sickness
  91. Beta Q?
  92. Evil mother in law wished something horrible on me
  93. insomnia... am i the only one 3 a.m.
  94. Lack of energy
  95. Keflex?
  96. medicaid pays for 3-d sonogram question?
  97. Bending over...
  98. Spotting 3 days after period was due
  99. Question about early pregnancy
  100. Am I going crazy or has anyone else experienced this?
  101. Pregnancy test results can be better found with protein activin B
  102. Exercise
  103. Questions about Betas?
  104. Advice Please
  105. has anyone been to the eye doctor while pregnant?
  106. Are you taking a child birth class?
  107. Are you feeling emotional?
  108. Sex Sex Sex
  109. Pressure down in the Pelvis?
  110. sonogram says pregnant test says no?
  111. Can you smell that???
  112. Do you watch pregnancy doc,movies?
  113. What number of pregnancy is this for you?
  114. Are you loving your pregnancy or hating it??
  115. 18 weeks pregnant and pain in left side ;(
  116. EPI-NO instead of perineum massage?
  117. having tan discharge at 4 weeks 2 days pregnant.
  118. Pregnancy and wine/coffee?
  119. Question about cats...
  120. Am I Pregnant?
  121. Would you take (pregnancy 'safe') medicine?
  122. Acne and Dry skin
  123. Hello Everyone. General questions.
  124. Hansen's Soda???
  125. 5th pregnancy and very different..kinda worried...
  126. New here but had some questions
  127. Non Stress Test ?
  128. protein in urine...and then it's gone
  129. Baby #5 Update!
  130. High Risk Pregnancy
  131. Are you working or a sahm?
  132. What aches and pains are you dealing with atm?
  133. Prenatal vitamins and Tylenol Questions
  134. 38 weeks and coughing
  135. Do you planning to save Baby cordblood?
  136. shadow on the heart
  137. help
  138. Just found out I'm pregnant. Now What? : )
  139. Is this hair?
  140. movement...or not?
  141. 10 or 6 weeks....Pregnant but worried
  142. FLUORIDE FOR INFANTS: Hidden Toxic Poison
  143. Educational survey on perceptions of body image and health.
  144. Baby #5 Big Surprise and Question!
  145. where is parents as partners?
  146. weight loss
  147. Anyone request a certificate of stillbirth/ fetal death?
  148. Pregnancy and Baddler/Kidney Infection
  149. 17 weeks with marginal placenta previa????
  150. When did you start showing?
  151. Beta Blockers for Anxiety
  152. showing already?
  153. when did you start morning sickness?
  154. spotting after pap smear?
  155. Can I ask some questions to pregnante women? It is about ''sad.''
  156. Preggie Pops?
  157. Falling when pregnant.
  158. how long
  159. Crazy Cravings
  160. Chasteberry
  161. anyone with a BFP their first cycle off BC?
  162. how much supprt do you have?
  163. When did you feel it?
  164. 6 Weeks Only seeing yolk sac
  165. Vaccines during pregnancy??
  166. Ideas.. not wanting to find out babies sex.. but
  167. Measuring 2 weeks ahead
  168. Question about pain during pregnancy
  169. 1 digital says yes & one digital says no.Slight cramping..worried?help
  170. Alcohol
  171. low beta?
  172. Ne1 had a negative blood test & then find out weeks later they were actually preggie?
  173. For those who are pregnant, please answer:)
  174. When are we out of the miscarriage-worry-zone?
  175. Are you eating for two?
  176. Are you already thinking about having another baby?
  177. Did you get pregnant while breastfeeding
  178. When should I schedule my first drs visit??
  179. Question about getting pregnant after C-section for anyone who has BTDT
  180. Have you got a pregnancy diary?
  181. How do you feel?
  182. My first pregnancy and I'm freaking out!!
  183. What are your symptoms so far?
  184. Ever nearly or actually fainted?
  185. New & Breast Question
  186. Evening primrose oil stories?? and help??
  187. I have to pee,but then it takes forever!
  188. Laxatives?
  189. Braxton Hicks
  190. I am pregnant w/ Triplets!
  191. TMI...
  192. Paint Fumes
  193. Who was the first you told?
  194. Pelvic pain-help!!!
  195. Oooooh boy! Ether way further than we thought, or multiples!
  196. anxiety????
  197. Swine flu shot
  198. When should we stop having missionary position intercourse
  199. Succinturiate placenta
  200. Spitting up Blood
  201. What do you think?
  202. Oral Surgery and Pregnancy!?
  203. Motrin early in pregnancy
  204. Good reading
  205. Do you think this is dumb?
  206. BETA levels????
  207. Early Pregnancy Cramping
  208. Some thoughts on the betas...
  209. Yeast Infection
  210. hair dye
  211. Caffeine And Me - Could Use Some Support
  212. Chinese Baby Chart!!! Just for Fun!
  213. pets
  214. Are you having a C-section?
  215. Are you having a baby shower?
  216. Are you feeling emotional?
  217. Question for casual drinkers re: how to keep preg. a secret till you're ready to tell
  218. TWW Symptoms the month you got pregnant?
  219. How far along were you when you found out? What were your symptoms?
  220. Sharp pain when you push on your belly?
  221. Midwife?
  222. I cant breathe! :(
  223. So far...
  224. Hair loss
  225. Complete and Utter Exhaustion
  226. Pregnancy Symptoms come and go
  227. Just wondering a few things
  228. Missed period only symptom, could I still be pregnant?
  229. ocassional ectopic beats and pregnancy
  230. cramping?
  231. rx medications
  232. Your first thoughts and feelings once you got a bfp?
  233. anyone heard of or tried bestbaby gender test?
  234. Hyperemesis/Morning sickness and Finding good OB/GYn
  235. Quitting smoking! Please give me advice!
  236. Pregnant and i have a cold!!!
  237. 1st trimester symptoms in the 2nd trimester
  238. 35 weeks and still getting sick!
  239. Uterus in measuring Large! Help!
  240. Sex and Cerclage?
  241. Bad reactions after shaving legs ever since I got pregnant..common?
  242. help...Reglan Question
  243. Who wants to gripe with me?
  244. How Far Along Would You Guess I Am? (x posted)
  245. Worried low progestrone
  246. I'm freaking myself out...
  247. Confused? Implantation? Help!
  248. Hubby has a new smell
  249. I am looking for a really cool online site to make a pregnancy journal
  250. Is it Safe or Not?? Kitty litter