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  1. qotd
  2. current affairs shows?
  3. Favourites....
  4. ? about bc....
  5. Yogurt?
  6. Gardening?
  7. 3 wheel or 4 wheel prams?
  8. Flight of the Concords?
  9. How old are you?
  10. what song is stuck in your head at the moment?
  11. bar of soap or liquid soap?
  12. does your form of b/c effect your libido?
  13. what's the sweetest thing your SO has done for you?
  14. QOTD
  15. Saturday Six
  16. Anyone having a bad reaction to...
  17. plans for this weekend?
  18. do you prefer carpet or wood floors?
  19. natural disaster?
  20. if you've had a child/children...
  21. What is on your computer table?
  22. wearing a watch?
  23. stop along the way or straight to the destination?
  24. country you'd want to visit *just* for its food?
  25. How old were you when you had your first date?
  26. How many phones in your house?
  27. Do you still have your fave teddy/toy from when you were little?
  28. Have you noticed a change in seasons yet?
  29. sorry (yet agtain) that i've been away
  30. Paragard IUD opinions on what to do (maybe tmi)
  31. Lots of questions for those with the Paragaurd
  32. What's the last movie you watched?
  33. online auction sites?
  34. What was for lunch?
  35. first af since implanon was put in...
  36. Stopped taking the pill, questions on cycle
  37. Another Nuvaring question
  38. Nuvaring
  39. sorry i'm still away
  40. Favourite olympic sports to watch?
  41. Sorry I have been away
  42. Thinking of going back on BC
  43. Question for IUD users
  44. hi new around here
  45. do you have regular lunch date or coffee date with a friend/family member?
  46. F*R*I*E*N*D*S?
  47. Disney?
  48. TV tonight?
  49. Oprah?
  50. girly-girl or tomboy?
  51. writing or typing?
  52. question about b/control pill
  53. I am back around
  54. Pregnant on Depo?
  55. I have a question for you ladies,
  56. i had the implanon done
  57. Ever ruined a cell phone....
  58. ever needed stitches?
  59. The Patch
  60. taking your pill morning or night?
  61. have you ever done modelling?
  62. Favourite sports team?
  63. Do you enjoy reading?
  64. Do you have a photobucket.com account?
  65. How often do you wash your face?
  66. Friends from elementary/primary school?
  67. Items on the bathroom sink/cabinet?
  68. Are you an impulse buyer?
  69. Nicknames growing up?
  70. Irregular periods...
  71. How often do you go to a mall?
  72. What's your smilie mood?
  73. shoes or handbags?
  74. how many keys?
  75. webcam?
  76. what sports/activities did you do when you were little?
  77. Question about BCP...
  78. IUD
  79. Do you keep a tidy house?
  80. Earliest memory?
  81. Is your SO romantic?
  82. What do you have for breakfast?
  83. Did you have a good weekend?
  84. did you have goldfish growing up?
  85. favourite soft drink?
  86. does NOT getting your period as side effect of b/c appeal to you?
  87. Do you get your period with the b/c you're currently on?
  88. Do you have bumper stickers on your car?
  89. Do you have tattoo's?
  90. Mirror in your bedroom?
  91. Kids shows? Confess!
  92. Lying about your age?
  93. Favourite author?
  94. Homepages!
  95. What's your favourite type of music?
  96. Last movie that made you cry?
  97. Survivor?
  98. how often do you go to the library?
  99. can you sew?
  100. those nasty side effects
  101. Do you MIND using birth control?
  102. What would you love to learn more about?
  103. What is one song that you relate back to your high school days?
  104. snack food weakness?
  105. Radio or CD's?
  106. Change the ending...
  107. 5 movies you can watch over & over?
  108. What month would you choose to have a baby in?
  109. b/c after giving birth?
  110. Weekend plans??
  111. Aviane
  112. Going INTO the bank?
  113. This or That?
  114. popping in w/ a quick question
  115. Are you interested in politics?
  116. GTKY
  117. Monday Smilie
  118. Implanon....
  119. weekend plans?
  120. Saturday Smilie
  121. What is one form of b/c you can't imagine yourself using
  122. Can you not take the pill for any reason?
  123. Yaz Question
  124. first pet you had?
  125. IUD question
  126. GTKY
  127. Do you do any shopping online?
  128. What's the weather doing where you are?
  129. Are you unable to use any forms of b/c due to religious beliefs?
  130. What other boards do you post on?
  131. how is your weekend going?
  132. Question about periods and IUD...
  133. Question
  134. :: Information on various forms of birth control ::
  135. What information etc would you like to see on this board?
  136. Was birth control spoken about openly....
  137. Hi!
  138. Weekend plans??
  139. Need Help
  140. Read the book, see the movie?
  141. Laptop or PC?
  142. QOTD
  143. GTKY
  144. is there any b/c you CAN'T use?
  145. favourite form of b/c so far?
  146. QOTD
  147. IUD and moodiness
  148. How much do you pay for your b/c
  149. Introduce Yourself!!!
  150. GTKY
  151. What are you doing this weekend?
  152. If you have an IUD, how long did it take for the spotting to stop?
  153. What is the first form of b/c you used?
  154. 1st AF post Mirena
  155. Please welcome Mummy to Gaby
  156. How Soon Can I Use A Tampon??
  157. Have you gotten pregnant while using birth control??
  158. Does your SO have any say in what form of BC you use?
  159. does anyone take seasonique?
  160. What forms of b/c have you used?
  161. What form of b/c are you currently using?
  162. Anyone ever take out there own IUD
  163. Lurking and hanging out :)
  164. Depo shot
  165. Introducing myself!!
  166. depo is the worst?
  167. help!!
  168. 101 Reasons NOT to Get Your Tubes Tied:
  169. aviane pill [levlite]
  170. IUD and spotting question
  171. Getting an IUD, nervous
  172. Yaz pill?
  173. Ovarian Cysts
  174. Mirena
  175. Done having kids
  176. Paragard Question
  177. I have a question and I hope someone can help
  178. IUD question
  179. Doing a Little Research for my blog....
  180. Has anyone used NuvaRing??
  181. Birth Control Pills and weight gain???
  182. Belief systems/Religion and BC
  183. MelKD?
  184. How did you learn about BC?
  185. Please welcome Bellissima
  186. IUD Paragard and no period?!
  187. Got IUD yesterday and need help please
  188. IUD question!
  189. Thinking about getting an IUD
  190. Yasmin
  191. Best & Worst
  192. BC Forums & Boards
  193. BC For DH?
  194. Planned Parenthood Appt This Week...
  195. Husband had a vasectomy, but im going on the pill
  196. Depo Shot question...
  197. I'm joining!
  198. Who Has/Had An IUD??
  199. This has probably been asked a million times...
  200. levaquin and the pill
  201. Thinking of taking a break from BCP
  202. Pregnant on Yaz
  203. IUD question...
  204. Pregnant on Patch?
  205. anyone have anything permanent done??
  206. Spotting after stopping the pill?
  207. stopping the pill
  208. Yaz!
  209. Crazy period... I'm a little concerned.
  210. Diaphragm questions !
  211. getting your tubes tied
  212. Question about birth control
  213. Alarming Mirena Facts
  214. longer period.... will my cycle be longer?
  215. 30 Something Mommies....
  216. 2 day periods?
  217. bleeding & cramping after IUD insertion
  218. Digital Scrapbooking Anyone do it?
  219. Stupid BC question
  220. ? about depo and periods
  221. YAZ Question
  222. Coming off BC
  223. Mirena causing Acne???
  224. bleeding the middle of a pack?
  225. First few periods after coming off BCP
  226. HELP! My IUD fell out today!
  227. the patch
  228. help.. period late
  229. Just popping in for a quick question
  230. Back on BCP
  231. IUD
  232. question about my BC pills
  233. Condoms with alcohol
  234. Don't know what to do. NFP/FAM or hormonal?
  235. Anyone taking YAZ?
  236. mini pill while breastfeeding
  237. birth control
  238. Question about Depo Provera
  239. Mirena questions
  240. BCP's after a pregnancy loss?
  241. The Pill in the news
  242. Tricyclen Lo?
  243. Implanon or the pill
  244. kariva
  245. Mirena & pregnancy symptoms
  246. Got a question for you gals!
  247. Quick Question
  248. question
  249. Anyone eperienced this?
  250. Question about Alesse!