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  1. Goals? Plans to work on this coming Fall?
  2. What subjects do you teach?
  3. Lets get the word out about this forum
  4. I hope everyone has a super weekend
  5. Have you ever thought about unschooling?
  6. OT: Going Away for Weekend!
  7. Need some homeschooling info
  8. Love the homeschool group!!
  9. I just ordered this book
  10. Free Forms for Homeschoolers
  11. Homeschool Organization Tips?
  12. Home Educators Resource Directory
  13. Does your homeschool have a name?
  14. What are the joys you gain from homeschooling?
  15. Tests Done, Latin Came, Weather Nice!
  16. I miss Teresa already, I am so pitiful
  17. Do you have any hobbies that you do with your kids
  18. Taking the kids to a fish hatchery this week!!
  19. Leaving tonight for my vacation
  20. Update on nefew
  21. How absolutely mortifying!
  22. Ladies I will be missing next week......
  23. OT: Blinkie Help!
  24. First homeschool group meeting with the kids
  25. Had a fantabulous day!
  26. Totally OT: Growing pains
  27. OMG! This board is getting busy
  28. I am seeing a specialist today.
  29. Blah, blah, blah totally dragging here
  30. How often do you go to the library?
  31. Welcome foutimesamommy!!!
  32. Ding dong, finally getting it
  33. Homeschool shopping addiction
  34. Really liking this homeschool group now!
  35. 5 kids and homeschooling events?
  36. You know you are a homeschooler if ....
  37. Note taking skills
  38. Free homeschooling printables
  39. Test taking skills?
  40. Dumbest Thing Heard About HS!
  41. How important is spelling to you?
  42. Library Book sales?
  43. Homeschooler Freebies I came across
  44. Do you know any homeschoolers who might like JM?
  45. America's Providential History
  46. Seton 4th grade English, Spelling, & Reading
  47. Thinking of Homeschooling
  48. I want to start school up soon!
  49. How do you teach?
  50. How to give feedback without criticizing?
  51. Do you think homeschooled students should have to
  52. Homeschooling Today
  53. For those taking the summer off...
  54. I'll be going on vacation for 2 weeks
  55. How do you keep yourself motivated?
  56. I think I found a Spanish curriculum for us
  57. Did you give up a career to homeschool?
  58. Homeschooling blinkies???
  59. What type of Homeschooler are you?
  60. Researchers Say Socialization No Longer an ''Issue
  61. Free HomeSchooling Magazine!
  62. At what age or stage...
  63. WOOOHOOO!!! Can you tell I am excited?
  64. Happy Birthday to my Kaelan!!!
  65. Justmommies Homeschool Report Card
  66. Geography topics need some ideas
  67. Are you visiting here for the first time?
  68. Craft supplies
  69. HSLDA does anyone belong to it?
  70. Spelling bees or other contests
  71. Where do you do school?
  72. My books are in!!! YEAH!
  73. Off to clean ladies, I'll be back later
  74. 7 in kindergarden
  75. Do you "grade" your children's work?
  76. Homeschool report card
  77. Best advice, worst advice.....
  78. Homeschool classes?
  79. Art & music?
  80. Definition of plod
  81. OT: I had this dream about my new baby
  82. Do you ever do two days worth of school
  83. How would you handle this?
  84. Where is everyone today?
  85. Teaching Cursive?
  86. Curriculum For Sale!
  87. OT, need vacation ideas
  88. How much time each day?
  89. Who's idea was homeschooling?
  90. For those that do end of year testing
  91. Animal journal
  92. Welcome homegoddess22!
  93. Why do people have to do this?
  94. Slow Saturday
  95. Have you thought of teaching Latin?
  96. Justmommies Free Unit Studies & homeschool forms
  97. Subjects you are teaching that are not
  98. What age do you start preschool homeschool?
  99. Does anyone else homeschool in your family?
  100. What field trips have you done?
  101. When do you get free time for yourself?
  102. Do you buy the teacher's manuals?
  103. Anyone using The Well Trained Mind?
  104. BJU or Abeka users
  105. Homeschool deals?
  106. How much tv time do your kids get?
  107. home school convention
  108. I just ordered books for my unit study
  109. OMG! I'm dying here!
  110. Tina....
  111. Items for sale/swap
  112. I havebeen thinking of
  113. Religous curriculum?
  114. Welcome to JM's curriculum swap!
  115. Anyone heard of or used The Standard Deviants
  116. How important is it to you that your
  117. I'm on a roll
  118. WHOO HOO..........
  119. Hi girls!
  120. Viking Unit Study DONE!!!!
  121. List of must haves
  122. What or who influenced you to homeschool
  123. Summer Reading Clubs?
  124. Made a practice Viking helmet yesterday
  125. Can I tell you what Steven said
  126. Garage sale finds! Telescope, books, toys...
  127. curiculum trade on Jm
  128. New to the group!
  129. 13 days, 9 hours, and 56 minutes
  130. 1 more day!
  131. So Sandra, what did you get?
  132. Work?
  133. unit studies for highschool?
  134. How many homeschoolers do you know in real life?
  135. Chrissy wants to do homeschool preschool
  136. I am so excited about tomorrow..!
  137. Do you ever get away from your kids?
  138. Pizza Hut's BOOK IT! Program...
  139. How many activities?
  140. What age
  141. Are you homeschooling over the summer?
  142. Days 1-6 are written for my unit study!
  143. Spanish curriculum, any ideas?
  144. What age do you stop doing handwriting?
  145. Those with teenagers.....
  146. For those doing unit studies
  147. PBS
  148. What time do you start school?
  149. Do you get excited when curriculum/books come in?
  150. Sandra314 WELCOME!
  151. What have you learned about being a homeschooler?
  152. Who is the "Teacher"?
  153. Who will be homeschooling for the first time
  154. What subject does your child really not like?
  155. Can you do homeschool on bedrest?
  156. Father's Day Crafts
  157. Gardening? Is anyone planting a garden this year
  158. Sorry to keep posting about this
  159. Where's everyone live & what homeschooling laws?
  160. Field trips how often and where?
  161. CLEP tests
  162. How do you get in housekeeping time?
  163. Ditching Beautiful Feet study guide
  164. My books are in!!!!!
  165. Does anyone write their own unit studies?
  166. Anyone homeschooling a special needs child?
  167. Lesson planning question
  168. Anyone getting there curriculum....
  169. mommy5 how is testing going?
  170. What's your favorite subject to teach?
  171. Literature
  172. Phonics any suggestions?
  173. Homeschool Weekly Lesson Planner
  174. motherof5
  175. Those of you that plan to homeschool
  176. Please think of me......
  177. How many events do you go to
  178. Went to our first homeschool group get together
  179. Are you teaching a foreign language?
  180. Standardized testing
  181. I got most of my curriculum in!
  182. how do you get started
  183. jaylynn
  184. OT: You should see my house
  185. Homeschooling around a busy schedule?
  186. Share your favorite homeschooling websites
  187. Yippee! Yippee!!!
  188. What kind of records do you keep???????
  189. Please welcome mommy5 as the new host
  190. Really down
  191. Who is visiting/thinking about homeschooling?
  192. How many other homeschoolers do you know?
  193. Shy kids and homeschooling?
  194. What time do you get up in the morning?
  195. What would you like to see?
  196. How did you find Justmommies?
  197. Human body books
  198. Do you belong to a homeschool group?
  199. I don't want to send them to school any more!
  200. Homeschooling year round......
  201. Are you homeschooling through the summer?
  202. American History resources?
  203. WOOHOO! I've got all my curriculum ordered!
  204. What are you using for Science?
  205. Annoying things people say about hsing
  206. Need Math Advice
  207. homeschool freebie
  208. Dh and I had a heart to heart today
  209. TTC and homeschooling
  210. Cursive now or cursive later???
  211. Three kids curriculum not cheap
  212. Thank you all, just a few more questions...
  213. Writing curriculum?
  214. I have some questions
  215. We are looking for a host for this board
  216. Plans for the week?
  217. Welcome Retrocutie
  218. Welcome homewithkane
  219. I am so excited.....
  220. Feeling guilty
  221. Deprogramming?
  222. I can't wait to go curriculum shopping!
  223. Found something I like but
  224. Welcome Ammie
  225. He said yes!
  226. This is bugging me
  227. Did you always want to homeschool?
  228. What do you do when your child doesn't want to
  229. Foreign Language
  230. What does your day look like?
  231. Arts and Crafts
  232. Games?
  233. Ordered more books already
  234. School?
  235. For those of you that pulled your kids out of P/S
  236. The New Host
  237. Welcome your new host momofmy4!
  238. Preschool ideas?
  239. What to do with the other kids?
  240. Science
  241. When would you suggest joining a homeschool group?
  242. Telling the inlaws, Advice?
  243. Welcome to all the new members!
  244. how?
  245. Are you doing school through the summer?
  246. Do you think your kids are ahead
  247. Questions
  248. Have your kids been to a traditional school?
  249. Juggling life and homeschooling?
  250. Curriculum list