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  1. New study urges no more mercury in Flu shots, including H1N1
  2. See, we aren't alone
  3. H1N1 and flu shot question
  4. H1N1...at work
  5. Welcome summerblue!
  6. Desiree Jennings Flu Shot injury: VIDEO update!!
  7. Really great Gardasil article
  8. I am amazed.
  9. Making progress at home
  10. The Sanctity of Human Blood by Dr. Tim O'Shea: Book Discussion
  11. Hi, new here!
  12. Merck Wins U.S. Approval for Gardasil Vaccine in Boys
  13. Who to believe?
  14. Judge Halts Flu Vaccine Mandate For Health Workers!!!!
  15. A little (lot) frustrated....
  16. What would you say to this???
  17. Giving babies Tylenol may blunt vaccines' effects
  18. how do you reply...
  19. If you had to
  20. Love this video
  21. Tamiflu and pregnancy?
  22. Not finishing infant/toddler vaccines
  23. October roll call....
  24. Do you feel misunderstood?
  25. Advice for flu season?
  26. Help me ladies!
  27. Hep B vax & autism
  28. Really freaked about about the flu
  29. Help from moms in North Carolina
  30. Vaccinating mommy with a question
  31. Rayel81
  32. How can I find?
  33. Seasonal Flu Shot
  34. I have a dumb ??
  35. British Girl dies after having HPV Vax
  36. Home remedies
  37. Hey ladies, seen that today?
  38. Our doctor is firing DD from the practice...
  39. No flu shots vs my family (vent)
  40. how to choose - what info did you use?
  41. seasonal flu shots raise the risk of catching swine flu
  42. Hey ladies
  43. "New York State Issues Order for Forced Seasonal Flu Shots, H1N1 Next"
  44. Multivitamin for nuring infant
  45. Supplementing with vitamin D3? (x-posted in Natural Health)
  46. Ashleigh Cave, Cervarix (UK's HPV vaccine) vaccine damaged
  47. New Here!
  48. Gary Null: Autism Made in the USA
  49. Gabby Swank ~ gardasil girl
  50. Can anyone recomend vitamins for baby and preschooler?
  51. Make your own flu shot...lol
  52. Do you remember?
  53. Flu shot and breastfeeding?
  54. Pedi said no need for flu shot!!!!!!!!
  55. question about tamiflu
  56. Just a little vent
  57. My doctor said...
  58. Can I join you?
  59. Homeopathic Dr ?
  60. Another Swine Flu Vax Question :D
  61. Question about H1N1 vaccine.
  62. little vent
  63. Nurses and Scientists refusing Swine Flu Vax
  64. New here
  65. Another question
  66. immunization registry
  67. New here and I have questions about Swine Flu Vax
  68. officailly joining you ladies....
  69. Feel bad about getting vax already and question about diseases.
  70. Wondering if I made a mistake....
  71. Lurking with a concern
  72. Infuriating!!! Rant.
  73. Anyone watch Dateline tonight?
  74. Combo vaccines
  75. Yikes! MA clears Swine Flu Martial Law.
  76. ~~~ The H1N1/Swine Flu Vaccine Information Thread ~~~
  77. "Get your **** vaccine!"
  78. may be a dumb question
  79. JM problems..
  80. Hi everyone! Can I join?
  81. Okay, another "finding a new doctor" question...
  82. The Swine Flu Vaccine Song
  83. so upset - OT
  84. New Pedi for next child
  85. Gardasil researcher speaks out against the vaccine
  86. My Mom - a bit frustrating
  87. article about vaccines in babytalk magazine
  88. Anyone know if these things are all true?
  89. Vaccine Song
  90. This makes me so angry!
  91. Omg :(
  92. Thought You Might Be Interested
  93. If anyone can get onto JM to read thiss.....
  94. anything to worry about??
  95. Poor ds has the flu
  96. Kinda OT: Nightline
  97. HIB
  98. North American Leader's Declaration on H1N1
  99. New
  100. Flu shot vent
  101. What happened to my co-host?
  102. Looking for a co-host for this board.
  103. Thimerosal research
  104. NY Times article re: studies
  105. This is interesting!
  106. Please help! Tetnus fears!!
  107. Look at what this Swine flu patent contains..
  108. I put my money where my mouth is
  109. Need a chuckle? CDC's latest brainstorm
  110. What exactly is in these vaccinations?
  111. Article on H1N1 and Squalene
  112. Lisa Oz (Dr. Oz's wife) on Paul Offit through a blog
  113. How Are Vaccines Made?
  114. Japan - lawsuits re Hep B vaccinations
  115. Question about religious exemption...
  116. Has anyone heard of any instances where vaccinations caused seizures?
  117. Greece to mandate swine flu vaccine... with no exemptions!
  118. Do you know who Dr. Paul Offit is?
  119. Would you like to Fireproof your marriage???
  120. Does anyone get Mothering magazine?
  121. Made an appointment with a new doctor
  122. Tropicgal and our members...
  123. Clinical Trials in US for swine flu vaccine
  124. New Website and great resource!
  125. ink Between Autism Increase And Vaccination
  126. Limited safety testing of European swine flu vaccine
  127. Introduction. Confused and leaning towards not vaxing at all.
  128. Barbara Loe Fisher on the Swine Flu
  129. Do you know who Barbara Loe Fisher is?
  130. Cori!
  131. StaceyC
  132. Cut and dried facts?
  133. Help with Vitamin K
  134. Scientist First to Characterize Novel Syndrome of Allergy, Apraxia, Malabsorption
  135. leaded paint
  136. Swine Flu Vaccine should not be given to children
  137. IAID Set to Launch Clinical Trials to Test 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Candidates
  138. AAPs vaccine refusal form
  139. If the government imposes MANDITORY swine flu vaccine...(based of debate board topic)
  140. 2009-2010 flu vaccines approved!
  141. Dr. asking what religion?
  142. DtaP could ya'll give reasons for not getting it?
  143. How to ensure NO vac. at birth?
  144. Sherri Tenpenny's book
  145. Vaccine kills 21 during trial
  146. Hello ladies, new to the board :D
  147. Shingles?
  148. Welcome fergyferg!!
  149. New FDA Records Obtained by Judicial Watch Indicate 28 Deaths Related to Gardasil in
  150. Recall: Prevnar Pneumococcal 7-valent Conjugate Vaccine, Wyeth
  151. Obama, Swine Flu and 7.65 billion dollars
  152. Not recommended for children younger than 17 years
  153. probiotics
  154. Martina had her baby!!!
  155. Vaccine Damage
  156. Swine Flu Vaccine 1976 ~ reporting by 60 mins. (10 mins worth watching!)
  157. Preventing Gardasil Injuries and Deaths
  158. Vaccine Research Centre
  159. WHO on the swine flu
  160. New Flu resembles 1918 virus
  161. More Swine flu vaccine funding news.
  162. swine flue vaccine
  163. Chicken Pox question?
  164. help
  165. Ear infection vaccine?
  166. a special briefing for Members of Congress and their Staff Read
  167. Here it comes...
  168. Mommy2Amara&Kayori
  169. Martina
  170. How do I find chicken pox locally?
  171. Would you attend a swine flu party?
  172. Congratulations воин матери
  173. Happy 4th everyone!!
  174. Two new boards!
  175. Happy 4th of July American Friends!
  176. Legislation Introduced to Require First Comparative Study of Vaxed versus Unvaxed
  177. General Anesthesia
  178. Gardasil...(sp?)
  179. To my fellow Canadians..
  180. Going to be gone the rest of the week...
  181. "Vaccine Court" denial reversed on appeal!
  182. IMPORTANT Please read
  183. Anything to make a buck.
  184. Any vax's before a surgery?
  185. More careful??
  186. I just don't know what to do
  187. Do doctors have financial incentives to vaccinate?
  188. Gov't & CDC Finally Agree to do Extensive Research into Vaccine Safety . . maybe
  189. new vaccine method
  190. Sorry I havnt been on much...
  191. Who was it who found the pic of their baby getting vax'd?
  192. Is this vaccine reaction normal?
  193. Vaccine damage ~ court case ruling
  194. Ringworm
  195. Georgia: Schools continue to violate state law during 2008-09 school year
  196. Intro...
  197. We have another bug here..
  198. no ped?
  199. Holly Robinson Peete on World Autism Awareness Day
  200. Have you tried the new JM Beta?
  201. Happy Father's Day to your DH/SO!!
  202. Fiinally took her to her 2 month
  203. What kind of natural remedies do you use...
  204. O/T: cookie dough recall
  205. so what would you do?
  206. Please welcome (.Y.)mom2dd(.Y.) and Tropicgal10 as your new co-hosts!
  207. Julie Obradovic series "14 Studies"
  208. The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears: Book Discussion
  209. Looking for input
  210. Stimulant Meds with children with ADHD
  211. Welcome LisanAndy!
  212. Hi There
  213. WIC
  214. Welcome BabsMitchell
  215. How much do I need to steel myself...
  216. ~ Vaccine Book Discussions ~
  217. June 2009 Check in!
  218. New Ped results...
  219. CP exposure- What age?
  220. How would YOU do it?
  221. Update on today's visit...
  222. Going to a new ped tomarrow...
  223. Funny eye in picture.....thoughts?
  224. Hello ladies I have some questions for you regarding the MMR vaccine.
  225. Medicaid/Vaccine Question
  226. Against Medical Advice
  227. Hi! Question...
  228. HiB question...
  229. Time for me to ask again...
  230. going overseas
  231. so, so sad!
  232. Vax status and participating in activities...
  233. Have children 4+ ?
  234. interesting reading
  235. Research links vaccine load, autism signs
  236. Top 10 Ways to Know You're Living in a Medical Police State
  237. Swine Flu May Be a Human Error From Vaccine Production
  238. i3ai3ydanny
  239. Check in!
  240. A non vax in a daycare situation...
  241. I have a question...
  242. What would you do...
  243. HELP! Hubby suddenly telling me he doesn't agree...
  244. Latest study regarging flu vaccines and children
  245. NO vaxes
  246. NO vaxes
  247. Soooo...
  248. 2 month appt next week, how to tell..
  249. No Host, Password?
  250. PLEASE vote!!!!