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  1. My son almost died because of vaccines!!!
  2. Peanut's Story
  3. How I learned to stand up for my kids delay Vax.
  4. Why I stopped vaccinating
  5. Why we don't vaccinate (anymore)
  6. Autism and other problems
  7. What exactly is *delayed* vax?
  8. ...
  9. The reason we don't vax...
  10. Austin's Story
  11. Non Vax never occured to me until......
  12. Empty Injection
  13. our vaccine story
  14. Madeline and vaccines
  15. My Dog's Bad Reaction to Boosters
  16. Aidan's reaction
  17. Freja's story
  18. my experience when I had Amara
  19. my other sister
  20. my sister
  21. a friend of mine
  22. Here are mine