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  1. My unplanned unassisted birth in the hospital parking lot.
  2. Payson Joy
  3. Alexis's Birth Story - Our Accidental Unassisted Home Birth
  4. Midwives in Miami
  5. The Birth of Lucy Marie
  6. UC Waterbirth of Sage Renee 3/15/10
  7. monkeys arrival earthside at home
  8. oops
  9. My Non Expected Home Birth
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  11. Israel's Birth Story
  12. not a home birth but an unassisted unmedicaded birth in car
  13. the birth of Mary Mae
  14. The Unassisted homebirth of Quantum Michael
  15. My Accidental Unassisted Homebirth
  16. The Unassisted Homebirth of Mariska Priya
  17. Eleora Mae